Prema Aradhana… a drama on The Essence Of Sri Sathya Sai…

Being contemporary to the most potent Divine Persona, Who Is… The Incredible, The Inexplicable, The Inscrutable…, is the best of the most incomparable blessings man today can aspire for. …And for the fraternity of ‘His Properties’, it is endless nostalgia attempting to measure the ‘timeless one’ through the scale of time. Reciprocating rightly to this great grand divine proposition, as the Sai fraternity is running into the Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam, students from Bhagawan’s educational institutions, alumni combined with current boys, offered a thematic drama entitled ‘Prema Aradhana’ this evening on the auspicious eve at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Accepting Him as the Soul and as the very Life ItSelf, the drama this evening unfurled the True Truth of His Presence amongst men, that was for man to learn and evolve. Portraying mighty Lord Shiva in His Himalayan Abode, in presence of Ganesha and the great ones, a conversation on the essence of Sathya Sai Avatar ensued… and as the Lord answered, ‘His Story’ repeated from the yore, from the times of Lord Sri Rama, Lord Sri Krishna and from Lord Sri Sathya Sai bringing back golden snippets of wisdom. The three distinct episodes this evening were, the story of SethuBandhan, constructing the bridge across the ocean, portraying unity, the prelude story of Kurukshetra battle, wherein Arjuna chose Krishna with Duryodhana opting for the Narayani Sena and the ‘collar pin’ episode from Little Sathya’s life, a message on detachment, opting for deep attachment for God.

Messengers they are, the fraternity of Sai students and on the eve this evening commemorating the transition of Sathya Sai from the ‘finite’ to the ‘infinite’, the fraternity has chosen the right theme, sending out the message of His Everlasting Presence.

His physical form may not be around, but His Presence Is Ever…Ever…EverAfter… The saga of Sathya Sai goes on… and thus the Prema Aradhana.

Earlier, the drama began with prelude commentary in evocative Telugu and English, delivered extempore by two of the alumni, Ranganatha Raju and Y. Aravind respectively, reflecting and reminiscing the collective call from hearts many on The Beauty Beyond Compare… Beloved Sri Sathya Sai.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhvantu II