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Enlivening ‘Sathya Sai’ Figure Installed…

Sri Sathya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam today recreated one of the momentous moments during Bhagawan’s Physical Presence, eighteen summers ago, that had its tale linking to Bhagawan’s specific instance. read more »

He who feeds the distressed in hunger really serves Me…

Shirdi Sai’s sojourn on Earth was most incomprehensible for the normal ones, His ways being supra-mysterious. Baba, in fact, lived His life teaching His followers at every step, guiding them to higher levels of consciousness, evolution. How Bhagawan sent across the poignant, powerful message of the absolute need to see Madhava in every being? …an interesting story from the illustrious Sai Samartha Satcharita. read more »

Secret of Spiritual Success

Defining His Avataric mission, dividing His mission into 16 years apiece with defined tasks, Bhagawan, delivering His ‘first public Divine Discourse said: …”not that I Am determined to exclude leela and mahima from My activity after that…. I only mean that re-establishing Dharma, correcting the crookedness of the human mind and guiding humanity back to Sanathana Dharma will be My task thereafter. Read on… read more »

How Arjuna learnt the Big Lesson?!?

Implicit obedience to The Lord is what is desirable for an ideal devotee. The veil of delusion which covers up the Divinity inherent in man is so thick that it inflates man’s ego, tempting him to forget even God. Arjuna, while being driven by Lord Krishna  in the Kurukshetra battlefield, donning the role of Charioteer, was in this ‘tight-spot’ with his ego pumped up for a moment, only to learn the big lesson finally reposing full faith in Lord Krishna. read more »

Radha – Supreme Devotee Of Lord Krishna

Pine for dhara, dhara and you find that you are pining for Radha, Radha, said Bhagawan discoursing on the Unmatched Supreme devotion of Radharani for Bhagawan Sri Krishna. Many are the wondrous tales of her devotional feats for Lord Krishna and Bhagawan had narrated some such wondrous tales in His Divine Discourses. Remembering the Mother Of Supreme Devotion, Radharani, a couple of beautiful stories from the life of Radharani, as recounted by Bhagawan Himself. read more »

Lessons From Sabari’s Sadhana…

Sabari, the aboriginal character in the epic Ramayana is a great celebrity in the world of devotees as she epitomised highest sadhana with her pure unsullied love for Her Beloved Lord Sri Ramachandra. An aboriginal woman she was, Sabari grew curious after she heard of Lord Rama and His proposed visit to Sage Matanga’s hermitage, during Rama’s sojourn in the forest. Ever-since she remained God-intoxicated thinking of Rama alone, desiring for His darshan. Narrating this beautiful story, Bhagawan urges His devotees to take a cue from the illustrious life of this devotee of His Treta Avatar and attain the Ultimate. read more »