Joy of Music and Bliss of Silence

This evening Bhagawan arrived at 1925 hrs. and after His usual round came on to the dais in ten minutes. Bhajans continued in full vigour till Bhagawan indicated for Mangala Arathi at 1955 hrs.

Pin drop silence followed post Arathi and it was doubly beautified by Bhagawan’s interaction with some of the students. As Bhagawan sat through, He whispered something to the group of boys at the front block followed by hand gestures. A Tabla player came forward and Bhagawan interacted with the boy before blessing him with Padanamaskar. Next was the turn of a bhajan singer. Intimate interaction continued for sometime before one of the photographers took his turn. The two way intimate interaction continued and Bhagawan blessed the boy with Padanamaskar. God’s lovely interaction with His chosen ones!

Session came to an end with Bhagawan leaving the dais, retiring to Yajur Mandiram, at 2010 hrs., in His car. Before leaving the dais, Bhagawan blessed the audience with repeated Abhayahasthas.

Chinese New Year will be celebrated in the next three days in the immediate Divine presence, as per the schedule available. Heralding the advent of the colourful religious event, Prasanthi Mandir had aesthetic decorations in place, this evening. The troupes have been engaged in hectic preparations for the past 3-4 days. Tomorrow’s schedule includes Singapore based Capt. Aung led team’s offerings to Bhagawan, followed by chantings and rituals by Monks of Buddhist order. The Monks, 36 in number, were also present for the evening darshan.