Chinese New Year Blessings

This evening, Bhagawan emerged at 1855 hrs. to come into Sai Kulwant led by a procession of children in various costumes from Chinese speaking countries. After a full round of darshan, Bhagawan came on to the dais lifting soul-filling bhajans to a higher crescendo. The stage was bedecked with symbolic items related to Chinese New Year.

Bhagawan, upon arriving on to the dais, lit the lamp for the New Year celebrations before assuming His seat. As bhajans rose to a higher crescendo entire audience joined in full throat that continued for the next ten minutes before the Arathi offering at 1910 hrs. Loud chanting of “Samastha Lokaah…”, the Universal Prayer, reverberated the air around that was followed by three ‘Jaikars’. It was time for Bhagawan to leave. Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram at 1915 hrs.

More than thousand devotees have come from chinese speaking countries, especially Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to be in the Divine presence during the auspicious occasion of Chinese New Year. The chosen theme for this year of golden rabbit is Devotion and Dedication.

Devotion and enthusiasm of this group was evident as the venue turned festive with a riot of Chinese decorations, red and gold being dominant reflecting the grandeur and glory of the occasion. The entire hall was dotted with hanging decors, which included good luck lanterns, of Chinese theme. New Year’s greetings wishing “Happy Chinese New Year” was seen hanging all over the central dome, sending out the message of Chinese goodwill. Decoration spree had extended to the precints of Yajur Mandiram as well. The entire area was once again turned doubly colourful, resplendent with red and golden hues.

Upon returning to Yajur Mandiram, Bhagawan blessed the outgoing police security personnel before ‘retiring’ for the day.