Thousands that filled in the spacious Sai Kulwant Hall turned unto Him and prayed fervently, rejoicing in hope…The Mighty Lord, who is ever compassionate, emerged, responding to the call, at 1850 hrs., blooming a thousand heart. Piecing together pieces of emotion and devotion scattered in their minds and hearts, devotees watched Him as His car glided down the pathway, blessing the Friday evening’s concourse. Twilight that was fading off too was in bliss having got due share of His blessing, priceless glimpse of The Mighty Lord!

After His full round, Bhagawan appeared on the dais as bhajans rose to higher pitch. Bhagawan sat for full ten minutes before indicating for Mangala Arathi.

Arathi song was on and Bhagawan’s attention fell on to the devotees; His palm turned upward and moved in circular; index finger scripted ‘something’ in God’s own language, in the vaccum…Even as Arathi song was coming to an end, His blessing hands went up in abhayahastha, repeatedly. In the meantime boys got laddu prasadam for blessing.

Post Arathi Bhagawan sat on, watching over the Prasadam distribution. There was slight jostle at the gents’ side as many were vying for Divine Prasadam. Bhagawan turned His attention, scanning through the section; result was absolute silence; their quench for Prasadam was outdone in no time by His all conquering benevolent glance.

As He left the dais, there was applause from the public. Leaving the dais Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram, at 1915 hrs. …As He was gliding past, all eyes were riveted on Him, ready to burst into silent rhymes, singing in praise of His all conquering Love!