This evening, emerging at 1925 hrs. Bhagawan, after His usual round, appeared on the dais shortly for a brief stint before retiring to the Interview Room. Spending next twenty minutes in, as Bhagawan came out, a group of students belongs to 2006 batch was awaiting, seeking blessings for their proposed “Prema Bandham” scheduled for this weekend. Bhagawan spent a while interacting with the group before coming on to the dais to accept Mangala Arathi at 2005 hrs.

Leaving the dais shortly after the Arathi, as Bhagawan took a right turn, audience, in an act of expressing gratitude gave Bhagawan round of applause. As Bhagawan slid past, Chinese New Year coordinators got to interact with Him seeking approval for the proposed New Year celebrations in Prasanthi.

The Chinese troupe has been engaged in hectic practice session for the past couple of days. Blessing the coordinators, tossing Vibhuti packets to a bunch of boys from the 2006 batch, Bhagawan retired for the day in His car to Yajur Mandiram. A two thousand strong group of devotees from Anankapalle, Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh has been camping in Prasanthi for the past 3 days. The group was scheduled to leave after the evening darshan today.