Thursday Darshan

Come Thursday Prasanthi gets a special feeling, a day that earned the special boon of attention from The Avatar, as His chosen day.

This evening, Bhagawan emerged at 1920 hrs. and went for His usual round of darshan. The house was full, enjoying the Thursday ambience of the Abode of Supreme Peace. Coming on, Bhagawan adorned the dais and bhajan was in full swing. After twenty minutes on the stage, at 1940 hrs., Bhagawan indicated for Mangala Arathi. A long pause of silence ensued as Bhagawan sat on. Boys got busied in distributing prasadam.

Watching Bhagawan engaged in silent action is a real treat. His silent gestures are no ordinary acts but suffused with great import. As He sat through after the Arathi, shifting His gaze from one to another, with hands often weaving gestures, the audience turned still with their gaze settling at the crest-jewel adorning the centre-stage. …And in a blessed moment His index finger scribbled ‘waves’ in the vacuum.

Bringing the session to a close on this blessed Thursday, Bhagawan left the dais at 1952 hrs. retiring to Yajur Mandiram in His car. Once again the audience gave a round of applause as He was leaving the dais…a human act of gratification. Being Thursday, children from Primary School were in full attendance for the evening darshan.

Today marks the beginning of Chinese New Year 2011. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year 2011 is the Year of the Golden Rabbit. Chinese contingent are already filing in to Prasanthi getting geared up for the Prasanthi version of Chinese New Year in the immediate presence of Bhagawan.