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My ‘trip’ to Puttaparthi…

Bhagawan at Shirdi would often repeat that, let His man be at any distance, a thousand koss (an Indian unit, measuring distance) away from Him, he will be drawn to Him like a sparrow, with a thread tied to its feet. When He wills, His Will turns into accomplishment… He chooses the right time for the right action. This is all the more true for a fledgling pilgrim who is about to reach Him. How William Hwehu Ansah, Accra, Ghana was drawn to Prasanthi Nilayam and how Bhagawan cleared him out of one last bit of skepticism…?!? …An interesting experience from December 1979 issue of Sanathana Sarathi. read more »

Sai Vani Is Sathya Vani…

All that He speaks become Truth, for He Is verily Truth in human form… Who can fathom the mysterious mystery of The Master Supreme, Who plays His cards at an all-encompassing… supra-conscious level, far…far…far beyond human imagination??? For an earnest seeker, every single moment with Bhagawan is a revealing moment… Revealing His endless mystery… a flashback to a beautiful December evening in 1995, with Swami and His students…  read more »

Sai As Dattatreya…

God Is One and the same… yet, in different yugas, different times, God incarnated in different forms, accepting different Names… For the one with pure awareness…He is Absolute Consciousness in different forms…  call Him Rama…Krishna…Sai…Dattatreya… At Shirdi, Baba was questioned once by the police…and He in His inimitable style answered “Truly” which was intriguing yet confusing for the foolhardy. Later, to some ‘Doubting Thomases’ Bhagawan showed up Himself as Lord Dattatreya… Trinity in One Supreme Form… Commemorating the Birthless Sai’s ‘Birthday’, the episode as recounted by Bhagawan… read more »

Radha is an inseparable part of Krishna…

Fifteen days from Krishnashtami comes Radha Ashtami, a joyous celebration in some part of North of India, celebrating the birth of Radharani, supreme devotee of Lord Krishna.   Radharani’s birthday is the sacred eighth day of the month of Bhadrapada. Sri Radharani was born in Barsana, a suburb in Mathura. Bhagawan had spoken many a time, about the inseparable relationship between Krishna and Radha, The Creator and His Creation. Narrating the backdrop of Radha’s affinity towards Krishna, Whom she recognized as Paramatma, Bhagawan recounted a beautiful incident from the illustrious life of Sri Radharani. An extract from Summer Showers in Brindavan 1978. read more »


He manifests in different places ‘same time’ with His ‘Visiting Cards’ only to accomplish something for His devotees…and at times He ‘manifests’ in different places, in different forms, with His ‘Visiting Cards’ again, to accomplish something for the sake of His devotees…He did it once in Tirunelveli, for the sake of a ‘new’ devotee…whom He wanted draw unto ‘Him’… and for this devotee’s sake He manifested Himself in the guise of this devotee…saving and managing the situation… A beautiful incident excerpted from the book “God in our Midst” by Dr (Mrs.) Hiramalini Seshadri, republished in the July 2014 issue of Sanathana Sarathi. read more »

Watch Your Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character and Heart

How poised and diligent are we in dealing with the W-A-T-C-H God has gifted all of us… Bhagawan’s acronym for perfecting our mould to become His bangarus… golden children? Let’s w-a-t-c-h as Sri Jullie Chaudhuri writes about Bhagawan’s W-A-T-C-H… read more »

From Shirdi To Parthi…

To the one who sought His grace with purity of heart and selfless devotion, Baba conferred His grace abundantly. Mataji Krishna Priya of Nagpur was one such devotee. Living in Nagpur, she would worship Krishna and considered Shirdi Baba as another form of Krishna and often frequented to Shirdi to be closer to the Divine in physical form. Read on a thrilling instance from her life featuring Sai Baba of Shirdi, Who heard the cry of a grieving soul, full of love and devotion for Him, and thus decided to reappear after His physical passing on…recounting the story as narrated by Bhagawan on the occasion of Shirdi Sai ‘Birth Anniversary’…

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Translate & Transform…

The ultimate preceptor He is, He has an uncanny style of making most revealing, most meaningful puns that could make the best of the positive impacts. How often He advised us to translate & finally to transform ourselves into better human beings? Every gesture, every word, every moment in His life is a great lesson to introspect that could help one in his/her way forward on this earthly sojourn. Great texts reveal nothing but, His own teachings often under different banner. Read on, how He made one of those puns to affectively translate the author into one with harmony in thought, word and deed. An article by Laksh Kumar Khosa from June, 1970 Sanathana Sarathi. read more »

How The Bhagavad Gita was administered…?

Living in the physical proximity of the Lord, once a devotee grew curious about some of His stupendous doings in His previous Avatar, as to how Lord Krishna was able to deliver the Bhagavad Gita amidst the war cries in the Kurukshetra battlefield. When this question was posed to Bhagawan, instead of answering straightaway, He chose to clear the clouds of doubts in the minds of His devotee in His own unique, inimitable style…a unique incident from His Story, from the fifties…Read on… read more »

Yes, You Can!!!

The story of Mikko Mayedo of Ontario, California – Champion Over Adversity – is an incredible story of ‘Yes, You Can…” , story of ‘will’ that granted her the power to win against all oddities, finally to become a ‘champion of the world’. Mikko Mayedo was a world‑renowned Olympic Equestri­an Champion from the United States who achieved her feat despite being completely blind. As her narration continues, she ends up with her telling tale of  finding her God within. She claims, Even in blindness, I know that God has come, narrating how she found the Avatar Of the Age ‘within!!!’

(Mikko Mayeda – “Champion Over Adversity” – even though afflicted with MS and blind, she won 18 first place and 6 second of 24 equestrian entries from 1983 to 1987, and became an Olympic and International Champion.)
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