Eternal Sai…

Physically moved on, our Beloved Sai is the resident of all hearts. While the Sanctum Sanctorum in the many pillard glittering Sai Kulwant Hall represents the physical remnants of the Avatar Of The Age, Eternal is our Sai, Who fills every inch of space, overflowing, engulfing and ever expanding, permeating bliss everywhere…Read on a poem from Sri VN Prahlad…

A shimmering shadow of vacuum
Shines over the marble cenotaph
Who says He is no more?
He lives, He lives, He lives
In all hearts with open doors
And even permeates those
Tightly shut,
Where is the door that can resist
His Omnipotence, open or
Opaque to this omnipresence?
A Tsunami of Love,
Surges above the Tomb
To submerge and subsume
All yearning or obdurate souls
Thronging near in the
Many pillard
And glittering hall
Or kept afar
By other concerns,
Grieving in ignorance
Or gloating in folly!
Eternal is SAI!
He fills the hollow
Marble monument,
Overflows, engulfs
Ever expanding
The universe of Bliss
Which is His everlasting Home!

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II