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True Devotion Is Recognition Of The God Within

How deeply and truly ‘i am’ committed to my Master Supreme?!? It is time for each one of us to introspect in this line, asking within, reminding oneself of The Absolute Surrender To The Supreme Absolute as executed by Mother Radharani during the Krishna time and Emperor Mahabali of yore. read more »

The Advent of Vamana was to Glorify Bali

How often we call it ‘a blessing in disguise’, an incident that happens apparently with a sad tinge, but on the hindsight, the incident turns out to be something incredibly beneficial. Such was the real case of the dual between Lord Vamana and Emperor Mahabali, explains Bhagawan.
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‘Hri’ + ‘Daya’ = ‘Hridaya’, Heart Full Of Compassion

Discoursing on ‘compassion’ a famous Indian spiritual teacher commented that, Compassion Is A Godly Quality. In another instance, a well-guided spiritual aspirant recently heard admitting that, all these years he has been talking about compassion as a verbal ritual sans any substantial experience, but lately, he started experiencing the same, with his heart bleeding love and compassion. Yes, compassion is a surging inner feeling of selfless love sans any judgement and reservations, something which is Absolutely Godly! Read on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai speaking on Compassion. read more »

‘Mine’ is death; ‘not mine’ is Immortality

As far you are attached, so far you have to traverse until you negate it practically. If life on this planet is to attain the Highest Goal, the Highest Goal is nothing but negating one’s own ‘individual’ existence. Such heroism is extolled, not by the mean worldly, but by The Supreme One HimSelf! Yes, Sri Sathya Sai – The Supreme did speak on such heroes, not once, but time and again in sacrosanct Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »

The Golden Age

The arrival of the Golden Age is an infinitely fascinating idea, a Golden Hope beyond all perceivable dimensions, for, man is obviously tired and almost out suffering from the bedevilled tactics of the on-going Kali Age. In such a scenario, circumstance, what else other than the Divine Promise of the Lord Supreme Incarnate can soothe our agitating minds?!? Bhagawan said then, “Man is living at the dawn of a Golden Age, and he himself will determine the timing of the transition by his own acts and thoughts.’ Read on… read more »

The Legend Of Vamana

Kerala’s ‘legendary’ Onam festivity comes with the paramount spiritual message of absolute surrender to the Supreme One, citing the ideal of Emperor Mahabali.  The festival that had celebrated its ‘golden jubilee’ in Prasanthi Nilayam last year always relished the most incomparable Physical Presence of Bhagawan, Who invariably delivered Divine discourses every single Onam occasion. Read on the beautiful Divine narration of the legend of Lord Vamana. (Onam Divine discourse on 16-9-1994) read more »

Baba & I – A ‘Sandeha Nivarini’ Conversation

Questions galore – our puzzled mind is like a cluttered closet housing thought of varied nature, often confusing our being. How often we hope, pray and wish for the arrival of that wise one, who comes and clears off all such debris, thus training to fly free, rather than ‘fleeing’. And how about The Supreme Incarnate donning this form of the wise one, clearing doubts-many, doubts -all?  read more »

The Way Forward In Sai…

Infinitely blessed with a priceless life sojourn, knowing the Truth of  Sri Sathya Sai being The Supreme Incarnate, how do we go about leading our lives?  Lucas Ralli’s book  ‘Sai Messages For You & Me’ serves a guiding pointer here, for you and me. read more »

Practising ‘Samastha Lokah…’ in Essence

When the concept of ‘Samastha Lokah…’ seeps into your subconscious mind,  reflection outside starts fading in, hooking you into the Source n’ Force within, thus the essence of practising Bhagawan’s MahaMantra of Oneness, Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu. read more »

See Me in a dog also… D O G – dog will lead you to God – G-O-D

Some years ago, at the end of a Guru Purnima Divine discourse, Bhagawan urged the devotees to develop compassion. Bhagawan said then, See Me in a dog also… D O G – dog will lead you to God – G-O-D. What a beautiful statement hidden with Supreme Truth of coexistence! True, one needs to rise to a level of higher consciousness to understand and imbibe this Supreme Truth. With Bhagawan HimSelf showing all-out compassion for all of His creation, are we not, His ‘devotees’ bound to practise His precepts? Let’s learn a lesson from the Life of Bhagawan at Shirdi as to how He Taught To See GOD in a DOG, an insightful reminder from the Sai Satcharita read more »