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Now And Forever

As humanity is passing through a crucially important phase in its history, man needs to attempt to reinvent his lost fervour, fervour for spirituality utilising all God-given agendas to the best… and thus comes the supreme importance of “Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu” – the Universal MahaMantra born of Sri Sathya Sai HimSelf. Dwelling upon the sublime living exemplified by Bhagawan, the Sri Sathya Sai Bhagavatham, writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri about the supreme importance of the phase humanity is passing through… read more »

Beloved Bhagawan And The Period Of Lent

Bhagawan chose the period of Lent in 2011 for His stay in the SSSIHMS and His – this most baffling, unfathomable Drama culminating in the ‘withdrawal’ of His Beatific Form. Quite significantly, what does this period mean and signify to each one of us…to all us…to every bit on Planet Earth? Read on a through-proviking article from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri on the holy Easter Sunday of Resurrection Of Lord Jesus The Christ. read more »

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai And The Emphatic Significance Of March/April 2011 – A Period Of Profound Reflection…

The forty day period of Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter, when countless devout hearts spend their days praying to God, contemplating, overhauling the mindset and enhancing spiritual discipline. Two thousand years since the supreme sacrifice by the Son Of God, crucifixion of Jesus Christ, The Supreme Divine Father HimSelf, as Sri Sathya Sai, enacted a Divine Drama in March – April 2011, during the Lent period, resulting in HimSelf being aloof from the human sight hitherto. Connecting the two epochal events spanning two millennia, Ms Jullie Chaudhuri writes about her passion called ‘Sai Lent’, touching upon the unparalleled glory of Sri Sathya Sai Avatarhood and His Divine Sports… read more »

Meditate Upon One Name and One Form…

During His visit to Mysore in 1958, Bhagawan had blessed Smt. Karunamba’s home with His Divine visit. During the occasion, while revealing His Truth as The Ultimate, Bhagawan enlightened the assembly of the importance of worshipping singe God-form… From the book ‘Sri Sathya Sai Anandadayi – Journey with Sai’ by Smt Karunamba Ramamurthy. read more »

My Task Is This…

67 years ago, when Bhagawan was just over twenty years of age, He wrote a very revealing and inspiring reply to a devotee, who was perturbed by adverse talk by aimless tattered tongues, attempting to tarnish the Divine image. Pacifying the agitating mind Bhagawan responded, explaining His Task and His Divinity. The letter was dated 25th May 1947. read more »

Watch Your Thoughts…

Man, a rare species with the faculty to think and discriminate, often fails to look within, to view his inner personality, examining the dark side of his own thoughts. Does time spent in examining one’s own thoughts mean wasting precious life time? …or is it a worthwhile exercise?…Sri Shyam Juwale from Mumbai shares his thoughts based on invaluable tips received from Bhagawan… read more »

Ananya Bhakti…

How many of us do get immersed in the melodic, enchanting music of Sai Krishna’s flute, completely intoxicated, forgetting our own selves??? Bhagawan narrates the essence of true, unparalleled devotion…Ananya Bhakthi… From Bhagawan’s Divine discourse at Abbotsbury, Chennai, on 19 Jan 1986. read more »

How easy it is to seek Brahma-Jnana?

How highly one could…or how lightly one could treat the theory of Brahma-Jnana…? The best answer comes from a “live-example”,  from the time of Shirdi Sai, wherein Bhagawan presented an episode, of a rich, naive man’s ambition to see Brahman. What was Shirdi Sai’s precepts to the ‘worldly one’ … a beautiful episode from Sai Satcharita. read more »

Don’t Worry; I will give him realisation…

Great Masters with complete awareness know what they do… and so with Avatars… it will be foolhardy for man to attempt to gauge their actions, rather man should submit to the will of Great Masters and Avatars…  Years ago, Bhagawan Nithyananda of Ganeshpuri had direted one of His disciples to visit Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai… For Swami Shradhanand, the trip turned out to be an ‘enlightening’ one… enlightened to know that God Is One…and One Only!!! …narrates Dr DJ Gadhia. read more »

Premaswarupalara – Embodiments Of Love

Bhagawan, The Indescribable Unmanifest Brahmam, The Source and Sustenance of His Love Creation, that emerged from Him, always would address His chosen folk, the human – Premaswarupalara… meaning Embodiments Of Love… What is the inner meaning, inner significance of this Divine Call… writes Sri Jullie Chaudhuri about His Love…called Prema… read more »