Ladies Day In Prasanthi Nilayam

Bharat, the country with an emboldened value-based culture, has always been a big votary of women empowerment. The land that often boasts of the heroics of Sita, Sati, and Savitri got a shot in its arms when  Avatar Supreme Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai declared November 19 as Ladies Day, blessing the empowerment of the blessed folks.  Since its inception in 1995, calling for greater women participation in social and spiritual revolution in their role as feminine energy, November 19 has been the dotted day ever since in the Prasanthi Calendar of festivities, when the womenfolk come active celebrating the day in Bhagawan’s incomparable Divine Presence.

When the day dawned with a somewhat shady backdrop of overcast skies coupled with incessant showers, the ever-blessed Prasanthi womenfolk was ready as ever, ever inspired by the Inner Light of Beloved Mother Sai.  From the early morning Suprabhatam to the regular Veda chanting, the proceedings continued with the womenfolk in the forefront on this blessed morning.

Welcoming the august assembly, on behalf of the organising committee, Prof (Ms) Rajeshwari Patel profusely thanked Bhagawan for His myriad mercies lifting the folks with hope and endurance during trying times, keeping them in His ever-watchful eyes.

Talking about the endurance of inner strength displayed by the folks during the pandemic, the speaker offered tributes to the hundreds and thousands of silent women covid warriors, commemorating their exceptional sacrifice. Their resilience, courage, and selfless nature came to the forefront at each and every home, lifting each and every family out of the panicking pandemic grip, reminded Ms Patel.

Dr (Ms) Neelam Desai then introduced the two speakers for the session; Ms Padmashri Radhaswami from the MA BEd batch of SSSIHL – Anantapur Campus (1987-91) followed by Ms Nivedita of the BSc, MSc, Home Science batch of SSSIHL – Anantapur Campus (1994-99).

Both the speakers presented the pandemic time service activities as a collective offering by the alumnae to Beloved Mother Sai.

Brushing aside the initial inhibition and reservation in stepping out of their comfort zone, relying on Bhagawan as their sheer Inner Strength, the alumnae could muster power and courage to pitch in with various initiatives, reflected the first speaker profusely thanking Bhagawan. ‘Without Swami, we are mere zeroes’, said the second speaker Ms Nivedita, narrating the alumnae initiatives from Andhra – Telangana region. ‘We tried utmost to be selfless as both the giver and taker is Swami Himself’, echoed her grateful heart, offering the entire initiative at His Lotus Feet.

A combined musical, a garland of songs woven through the thread of ‘Love’ titled ‘Geetanjali’, followed next, offered by the staff and students of the Anantapur campus.

Invoking Mother Saraswathi, the first piece was ‘Vandeham Sharadaam Visharadaam Jnanadaam…’, a dedication to the Goddess of Wisdom. Flowing on, the grateful hearts, with intermittent commentary in English, presented ‘Yentha Mahima Yentha Mahima…’ in Telugu, ‘Sri Sathya Sai Nama Pavana Athi Madhura Phaladayaka…’, a piece glorifying the importance of Namasmarana, ‘O’ Sai Maa…O’ Sai Maa…’, the song of Love For Beloved Mother Sai to conclude with ‘Wherever I go…’ a piece of gratitude.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed next, played on the public address system. Hailing the greatness of Sita, Savitri, Chandramathi and Damayanthi, Bhagawan discoursed on the power of the womenfolk, calling them as the true heir of ancient culture. Sacrifice finds a place in their hearts, echoed Bhagawan, saying, ‘women are the drops of nectar of such sacrifice.

Bhagawan said, the sweet juice of sacrifice of Truth, Righteousness and Compassion is there in women, and they should not be limited to homes, society, and nations; they should be encouraged to go beyond without any limits. They are not weak, but they are mighty and powerful. Discoursing on women empowerment, Swami emphasised the need for equal authority of men and women, as the objectives of life are the same for both genders.

Bhajans by the Anantapur students continued, and the session came to a close with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II