Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai – The Refuge Of The Universe

Joy finds itself lost, bliss finds itself ‘non-existent’ for, when it comes to the Supreme Master Sri Sathya Sai, there is no noun, phrase, adjective, etc., that finds suiting, for He Is The Source n’ Force of all that is known and unknown! For such a one, when we collectively celebrate His Advent Day on the blessed 23rd November, what expression does come in from every single heart? To catch of a glimpse of one such superlative expression of joy, bliss and ultimate devotional frenzy, read on a poetic beauty from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri. 

The time had come,
For an occurrence…
…beyond the finite human mind to fathom,
Adharma was rampant,
Monstrous atrocities were on the rise,
A Divine Advent it served to catalyse,
The call of saints, sages, mystics…
…as well as those oppressed amplified,
Their yearning could no longer be denied,
The Supreme Source,
The Infinite Life Force,
Chose to manifest Itself,
From Nirgun to Sagun,
From Formless to a Beatific Form,
That Radiant One had now chosen to don,
Puttaparthi was to be the epicentre…
…for a colossal sprinkling of Spiritual Splendour.

23rd November 1926 smiled a smile ever so beatific,
It could scarcely believe it’s sublime destiny,
That it would enjoy a place upon the pages of His Story…
…from the mighty tree of time…a tiny sprig …
…now to be renowned as a blessed obelisk,
On that sacred Monday at 5.06 am,
Myriad angels did euphorically exclaim,
That ‘Blue Shimmer’…immaculate and pure,
That most sacred energy radiating sheer azure,
Which had selected the womb of Eashwaramma,
…to tenderly hold It and endure,
To be revered as His Griha Ammayi forevermore,
At this exact moment added significance to all existence,
That Transcendental Sankalpa willed an Appearance,
A Divine Birth,

A Steadfast Sanctuary for Planet Earth,
When circumstances seemed to reverse…
…and times were ever so adverse…
…along with predicaments oh-so-diverse…
In the midst of chaos,
This Glorious Advent of the Primal Being…
…signified a haven profound,
His Presence – Mystically Stirring…
…an Ethereal Music so fascinatingly lilting,
His Essence – Supremely Enchanting…
…so palpably invigorating,
His Love – Charmingly Profound…
…boundless and profoundly overwhelming,
His Substance – exuding Divine Appeal…
…for those awaiting stirring an awakening. 

The Cosmic Hrudaya, the Vast, Vishaal Heart of Sai,
With inexhaustible compassion perennially does resound,
The continual flow of Sai Magnanimity never ceases to astound,
Sathya Sai is an experience within and beyond,
Incessant and Continual,
Endlessly does His Essence surround and embrace all,
All of creation does exist in Him,
He is Everlasting,
And He is Unfathomable,
He is the Boundless, Shimmering Ocean…
…of Immeasurable Vibrant Sensitivity,

Thus so,
The Cosmos hums uninterrupted hymns of His Glory,
He is the Origin, the Cause, the Consequence,
So too,
He directs and influences the Sustenance,
Of every bit as well as the macrocosm,
Cloaked in sheer egocentric ignorance,
Whether one is aware of it or not…
…believes it or not,
It is He…His Grace alone undoubtedly…
…that does all life with energy…
…vital force…vivacity…joy of living and healing intersperse,
For Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba…
Beloved Mother Sai is tender-heartedly,
Subtly, unconditionally, interminably, infinitely, eternally –
The Eternal Refuge of the Universe.

II Santushti For Samastha Srushti II