Sai Vani Is Sathya Vani…Sathya Vani Is Sai Vani…

Love Is My Form, Truth Is My Breath…thus pronounced Bhagawan defining HimSelf long ago. When Sathya becomes the Sustaining Force for the Form, and Sai becomes His Name, Sathya Sai truly stands for The True Truth, the Ultimate Source of all wisdom. Unfathomable Divinity He Is that human kind can never successfully perceive His True Truth, but can only to follow the path to Become & Be! How often we speak about Him, extolling His ‘Beauty Beyond Compare’ True Truth at a level of human understanding?!?

Truly, all that He speaks become Truth, for He Is verily Truth in human form… Who can fathom the mysterious mystery of The Master Supreme, Who plays His cards at an all-encompassing… supra-conscious level, far…far…way far…beyond any human imagination??? For an earnest seeker, every single moment with Him is a revealing moment… revealing His endless mystery… that is often done in His most inimitable style. A flashback into a beautiful December evening in 1995, with Swami and His students, wherein the last but one batch of Masters in English Literature students at SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam, had this profound Sai-tale of experience.

“Name the book, SAI VANI”, Swami told the students on 28th of December, 1995. But that is not the complete story. The students had assembled in the Mandir that evening with a photograph of Bhagawan and the list of contents of the book. They had sent a letter to Swami that afternoon regarding the book. On seeing the boys carrying the paraphernalia in a tray, Bhagawan gave a curious and mischievous smile.

The occasional glances and smiles continued till some of the boys started wondering if Swami would come near them at all.

At last, Swami came, asking, “What is that?”

The students told about the book and pleaded Swami to suggest a name.

“Peru Enduku?” (Why Name?) Then Swami asked, “Did you think of any name?”

“No, Swami”, the boys replied in a chorus, “You have to give the name”

Graciously, Swami said, “Sai Vani Pettandi” (Name it Sai Vani). “Please write it with Your Own Hands Swami”, pleaded the students.

“No, No” said Bhagawan and moved away. He would have gone a few steps before He paused. Sensing that Swami may agree to bless the book by writing down the name, a few students went up to Swami and gave Him the photograph and the list of contents.

Swami gently wrote: “Sathya Vani”, and after a moment’s pause, He said, “Oh I have written ‘Sathya Vani’ instead of ‘Sai Vani’. Well, Sai Vani is better. Name the book Sai Vani”…. and thus the christening of the book left a mirthful impression on the students assembled there.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II