…And The Most Important Thing In Life Is…Reveals Swami, GRATITUDE!!!

‘What is the most important thing in life?’ – a question that has a million-dollar-status and more, when it is posed by none other than the Supreme Master HimSelf, what could be the answer? Well, this question was once asked by Bhagawan HimSelf, to an aspiring ‘soul’…and finally He alone revealed the secret, answering the same in His own inimitable style. Read on… 

There was a beautiful incident, call it a ‘Saincident’ that happened long ago, over four decades ago, inside the precincts of Beloved Bhagawan’s Interview Room in sacrosanct Prasanthi Nilayam. Bhagawan was busying HimSelf, engaging a family with an interview, a Chennai family of a devout couple and three children. During the course of the interview, Bhagawan, most inadvertently paused a profound question: “What is the most important thing in life?” …and His ‘Divine’ index finger turned towards the second child in the family, a teen-aged girl of 14-15 years. Looking into her eyes, The Master, calling her by name, commanded, “You! You Answer.”

The family being disciplined and devoted, mother being a stickler, had clear-cut instructions for her children that anytime in His hallowed Presence, she did not want anyone of them to talk and ‘while away’ precious time, rather she wanted them all to listen to Bhagawan, Who Is Verily The Lord Supreme. Implicitly following the instructions, already in sync with the ‘terms and conditions’, the girl sat mum, not knowing how to respond. Bhagawan yet again indicated at the ‘hapless’ girl, vetoing any reservations being played out in her confused mind, sending His ‘Green-Sai-Signal’.

Perplexed at the ‘million-fold-gravity’ of The Ultimate Presence waiting for an answer, the girl could only murmur something, only for The Lord to intervene soon. Pitching in next, He was there ‘spilling the beans’, revealing the million-dollar-answer HimSelf! In a low, loving and crystal clear tone, The Master averred: “The Most Important Thing In Life Is Gratitude!!!… that Your Life Should Be An Expression Of Love And Gratitude.”

The story from the interview room was over, and the message was given out. And ever since this episode infinite, the teen-aged girl’s heart would murmur every single moment with the fresh ‘zealous’  buzz word, ‘Thank You, Swami’! Sharing the incident, the devotee said,  that even during the peak of trials in her life later on, she would ever remain calm and composed, never ever complaining, but accepting His Will as a gift from Beloved Swami.

How many of us are aware that we are infinitely blessed with His Love, that all of us are allowed to think of Him, many of us are allowed to carry out His task, and a fairly good percentage of us are even allowed to carry out every task knowing well that EveryThing Is Sai??? Every single moment in this creation, knowing that SAI IS… is a colossal blessing of infinite proportions.

The Master came descended, with the Infinite becoming finite, and thus He turned visible. And with this supreme act of Avataric sojourn, it is not that He has granted us 85 earthly years, the time He chose to walk the Earth, until this day. One Who Is timeless, Who Is Sampoornam, with His act of descending down has in truth given HimSelf to us, granting us our ticket for Infinity. How often He reflected and resounded, advising His folks, who would often crave for the things that would ‘miraculously’ come of His Hands Infinite, ‘why do you seek these petty things dear, when I Am giving MySelf to you? ’

How do we offer our gratitude to Beloved Master Supreme? The bottom-line here, the writing on the wall, is clear and distinct as it reads… Sai Is. Knowing Him as our Source n’ Force, as The True Truth Within is the best act of gratitude.

The Supreme One is amidst us in the Eternal Now as our SadhGuru Sri Sathya Sai, ever ready to take us to His True Truth. It is our onus to remain grateful every single moment, in the Eternal Now, knowing verily that It is He Who Is… God Is.. Sai Is… Let the writing on the wall be clear and distinct that, SAI IS…SAI IS…SAI IS!!!

And the writing on the wall…?
The wall of my heart that is painted in Red-Hot-Sai-hue…
May the writing be clear… clear and distinct,
And let it read thus,

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II