Vibheeshana Sharanagathi…

The unique, unequivocal bond of love, Prema Bandhan, between The Lord and His chosen properties, the student fraternity, had an exceptionally incomparable advantage of unveiling some of the finest secrets of lore, scriptural… spiritual ones,  that Bhagawan, out of His immense love for humanity shared through His student fraternity. This evening, on the second day of the Adilabad Parthi Yatra, devotees from the combined districts have chosen such a theme, revealing the pristine story of surrender of KIng Vibheeshana to his Master Supreme, Lord Sri Ramachandra.

Entitled ‘Vibheeshana Sharanagathi’, the drama in Telugu showcases the ouster of Vibheeshana, from the Lankan Kingdom, owing to his devotional allegiance to Lord Rama. Being an outcast Vibheeshana takes refuge at His Master’s Lotus Feet, finally spilling the beans out, to let the Rama army win over the battle by killing the deadliest Neelasura, who was possessing great aasuric powers. At the end, to the assembly of loyal vanaras (monkeys) and other loyalists, Lord Rama reveals the truth of one of the biggest sacrifices, of Vibheeshana, who, in his allegiance to The Lord acted for the highest good of Ramakaryam.

The storyline goes as… Lord Hanuman was in a searching spree in the Lankan Kingdom, looking out for Mother Sita, Who was in Ravana’s captivating custody. In the process of search, to his blissful amazement, Hanuman bumped into someone deeply loyal and devout to Lord Rama, whom he came to be known as Vibheeshana, the younger brother Ravana himself. As they exchanged pleasantries, Hanuman was greeted and treated with due reverence.

Now, Hanuman made his entry into the court of Ravana, pausing himself as Ramadhoota. Opposed and insulted by the courtiers, to the exception of Vibheeshana, Hanuman, now under captive, played ‘tantrums’ challenging the Kingdom vouching His allegiance to Lord Sri Rama. An enraged Ravana decided and thus ordered to kill the ‘Ramadhoota’. Vibheeshana stepped in at the right time, diplomatically pleading in favour of the ‘mere’ monkey, citing Ravanas’ greatness and the meagreness of a monkey, seeking pardon for Hanuman. Vibheeshana’s discourse on morality, to free Mother Sita, Who belonged to Rama as a wedded wife, doubly enraged an already boiling Ravana resulting in him being exiled from the kingdom.

Back in Rama’s Kingdom Rama’s loyalists, upon hearing the story of one such great Rama devotee in Lanka, could not accept the storyline, straightaway denouncing the same, labelling  the so called loyalist (Vibheeshana) a possible spying envoy, engaged in leaking Rama’s war tactics. In the meanwhile Vibheeshana entered the Kingdom seeking asylum at Rama’s Lotus Feet.

Back in Lanka, Ravana was in deep penance, appeasing Lord Shiva. Countering the act, back in Rama’s Kingdom, Rameshwara Lingam was installed and extolled in the direct Divine Presence Of Lord Rama, worshipped by one and all including Vibheeshana, who was asked to worship the same with eka bilwam, the sacred bilwa leaf.

As the war tactics were being discussed Vibheeshana now spilled the beans out, revealing Neelasura being the bone of contention, who was to be finished at the Hands Of Lord Rama HimSelf. Neelasura’s life force was stored in his thumb, as revealed by Vibheeshana, and only Rama could have done that act. …And Rama completed the act and the joy of celebrations spread in the entire Kingdom.

Now, to the victorious assembly of army of vanaras and other loyalists, Lord Rama HimSelf revealed the story, story of highest sacrifice, that of Vibheeshana, that, Neelasura, the demon who was assassinated at His Holy Hands, was none other than Vibheeshana’s own son, whom he decided to sacrifice at the sacred Divine Hands for Ramakaryam.

Not to forget, Vibheeshana while ensuring the ‘success’ of Ramakaryam, also ensured highest blessings for his son, blessing him to ‘die’ at the Hands Of The Supreme Divine!!!

The drama turned out to be a professional display, with youthful acting coupled with powerful dialogues making it a visual ‘spiritual’ treat. Two of experienced alumni of SSSIHL, Sarvasree Y. Aravind and Ranganatha Raju played key roles, delivering the best of His teachings in the best possible style. A beautiful enactment of Rama Katha, with inputs received directly from the Divine coupled with intakes from the illustrious Ramakatha Rasa Vahini.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II