Chinese New Year 2019 – Final Session…

If human life is meant to master the art of living, the Chinese tradition has much to offer. Today, as the CNY 2019 celebrations continued on day-2 here, in Prasanthi Nilayam, there was much in the offing, all embedded with greater values, skills and messages, leading one to master one’s life as directed by Bhagawan.

Commencing the session in the most holistic fashion at 1700 hrs., hundreds of united throats joined in chanting the powerfully healing Medicine Buddhist Mantra meant for all-round healing of body, mind and soul. This was followed by the chanting of Heart Sutra aimed at invoking compassion. Hundreds of throats in unison, chanting in a united voice in the language that is known to the ‘heart’, the session ensued turned out to be that of  magical healing in the Supreme Presence Of The Ultimate Divinity Embodied.

For Swami nothing is impossible as His planning is bigger than my dreams, said Sis Noviani Kesuma, a young adult from Indonesia speaking on her journey unto Sai. The journey has been on for 22 years now and I am still counting, reflected the young woman, narrating as to how as a tiny tot she walked hand-in -Hand with Bhagawan, making Him her best friend, mother and father. At every step in her moulding life she would converse with Him, and every time when He answered leading her way, He left her to understand Him in hindsight that, He Is running the show all-through, in her.

A Gu Zheng performance, a Chinese musical instrument, by Sis Paramitha Putri Santosa next had the bhajan Yug Yug Ke Avatara… Gu Zheng is also known as Chinese Zither, is a Chinese plucked string instrument having 21 strings.

Every year from the inception of Chinese New Year 22 years ago, Prasanthi Nilayam has been hearing the voice of ‘Filial Piety’, respect and reverence to parents. A skit next involving two young adults from Indonesia titled ‘The Divine Directives’ was on the same theme, H-O-P-E. H-O-P-E is an SSIO affiliated programme worldwide, expanding into Honour Our Parents Everyday, stressing on Bhagawan’s oft-repeated message of love and respect for  parents. Initiated as a dialogue between the two, the session ensued divulged into details of Bhagawan’s teachings as to how to respect and revere one’s parents, honouring them to receive His bounty of blessings, making one’s life meaningful.

Symbolic of the transitory  waves of life on earth, that of yo-yo nature, the item next was titled YoYo of life, a Diabolo Performance offered by Bro Ong Hock Eng from Malaysia. The offering by the young on the Diabolo was representative of human life with ups and downs, accepting Bhagawan as the Master, living the same out in absolute equanimity. It was an interesting session of juggling mastery by the young adult who enthralled the audience with his sheer professional approach suffused with self-confidence. A Diabolo is a juggling or circus prop having an axle coupled with twin cups which is derived from the Chinese Yo-Yo.

The final offering was a drama presentation by the Sai Young Adults of Indonesia. Titled by the CNY theme for the year, Parents – Our Treasure, the presentation with the trio of a father, mother and son sent out the powerful message of the need of the hour, parental reverence. Wayward and off the track, the protagonist, the son, understands his mistake in hindsight only to make amends to respect and revere his parents, ahead of the Chinese New Year, celebrating the same with greater spirit of affiliation to Beloved Bhagawan.

Mandarin-Chinese bhajans coupled in Prasanthi style followed next and the session came to a grand closure with the offering of Mangala Arathi to Beloved Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II