SAI…So-Am-I …Drama By PG Students…

The true philosophy of life in its essential beauty of highest wisdom was played out by the post graduate students this evening in a drama entitled “SAI… So-Am-I” in Prasanthi Nilayam.

How, man, from his egotistical perspective on planet earth evolves to become his Real Self, The Absolute, by peeling off layers of ignorance and illusion one after one, was the beautiful theme for this evening, depicted through the life of the  protagonist, Siddharth Chakravarthi, a theatrical artiste.

Connecting the celebrated actor on the stage to the symbolic common man, the jeevatma, the story-line for the evening soon evolved into a conversation of greater wisdom, involving the actor with a ‘guest ‘in’ appearance’, who was beyond all sensory perceptions and full of guiding wisdom.  As the conversation meandered through the life and wisdom of the protagonist, the guest ‘in’ appearance was often seen guiding the actor on the worldly stage to different levels of evolution, showing  the right path with clear understanding. Yes, man with wisdom  journeys back from his  five sheaths of existence on planet earth to his original point of Oneness, experiencing Unity In Diversity, depleting the sheaths many one after one in a gradual evolutionary process, leaving aside various attributes to reach his ultimate Absolute state.

As the drama portrays, human life is a timeless epic and every human is an unsung warrior, until he reaches that desirable state of Oneness, in Bhagawan’s words, to move from the Annamaya Kosha to the Anandamaya Kosha. The drama that began with a theatrical award presentation ceremony, wherein the protagonist wins the award, slips back into the ‘real journey of man’, only to return to the original award ceremony scene in the finale, heralding the inevitable victory of man to his original state. Man is an actor in this worldly theatrical stage and as the protagonist in the presentation this evening, every man on the planet is journeying back to his original Oneness state only to win the coveted award of Supreme Realisation.

The cycle of life and death is for all until one realise the true truth of Oneness, that, “I Separated MySelf From MySelf”, concluded the presentation on a high note. True, as SAI is, so is everyone…never a separate entity. A beautiful theme song, “Ek Pyaar Ki Kahani…” marked the culmination of the beautiful presentation.

The drama had interesting ‘epical’ interludes of flashbacks from the yore, illustrating notable attributes that shun man from his ultimate awareness.

Bhajans next ended with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II