What I Want Is Transformation…

From the Microcosm to the Macrocosm, every single heart beat, pulse is aimed at Sukham, that is happiness. Blessed with the great good fortune of being the immediate contemporaries of The Ultimate Walking The Earth, who does not like to have His physical proximity, a personal one-to-One with Him. In this  process he resorts to many a stunt to appease Him, to win His attention. …a personal experience by one of us…one of His Own… (from Pune Youth News Letter – Jan 2017)

This incident happened sometime in 1988. One young devotee was desperate to have a personal interview with Bhagawan. But Swami would completely ignore him during Darshans in the Mandir. In an effort to win the grace of the Lord, he resorted to fasting. He went without food and water for three days. He did not swallow even his own saliva.

It was the third day evening Bhajan. Swami went inside the Bhajan Hall and sat on the throne. Suddenly in the middle of the Bhajan, Swami came out, went straight to this devotee sitting on the sands outside, spoke to him just one sentence, “What I want is transformation and not all this (referring to his fasting)” and went back inside the Bhajan Hall. The devotee realised his folly and immediately after the Bhajan, had his Bhojan.

Needless to say, the all merciful Lord called him for an interview after a few days.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II