A love sublime…

The Love That cannot be measured, cannot be attributed, yet feel in the deep core of our being, The Love That Conquers…  that perennially flows, beyond time and space and everything… let’s mull over that Love, Which is beyond… yet so close to our heart, our Beloved Mother Sai… As we are gearing up Celebrating The Advent Divine here comes another poetic from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri.

A love sublime…
Beyond the barriers of space and time,
Enveloping, enriching, enchanting,
Making the soul smile,
And the heart sing,
Always, always close at hand,
A ceaseless flow,
None can understand,
An Ocean that can never dry,
For the Source of this Ocean of Pure Love is Mother Sai…

A constant flow,
An abundance in store,
A love sublime,
Beyond space and time…
Enveloping every atom the cosmos through,
A transcendental link His Presence helps renew,
A feeling within that there is more,
In store,
An enquiry,
What can that be?
Beyond that,
Which can be seen by the eye,
Enchanting, enthralling, elevating by and by,
That Ocean of Love Sublime that can never be dry,
Revealed now through the loving grace,
Of Beloved Mother Sai…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II