What’s Up??? – Socio-Techno-Religious-Drama by Mumbai…

Presenting an evening of ‘insight’ and ‘astuteness’, Balvikas children from Mumbai district of Maharashtra offered a socio-techno-religious-modern-day- drama entitled ‘What’s Up’ on this Ashadi Eve here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The presentation as the title suggests, portraying the plight of modern-day-gadget-addicted man, asks man to shun What’s App to turn to What’s Up, living purposefully, knowing His True Self.

Sensible use of analogies of modern-day-technological jargons with reference to spirituality made the presentation an interesting one, sending the message across to the evening’s assembly of devotees.

In the presentation, Lord Ganesha at the instance of Lord Shiva comes down to earth in the guise of ‘God Jobs’ to raise man from the lost track, teaching him to ‘login’ to the Cosmic User Name ‘Only You’ with the password ‘Soham’ to get into the world of The Ultimate Technocrat, Sai Supreme.

Man’s journey is to know his True Self and the dance ballet with the potent modern-day theme, ably assisted by interludes of songs and dances captured the essence, concluding with a parting song, singing Soham Shantidhaamam… Soham Jyotiroopam… Soham Parama Brahma Swaroopam.

Bhajans by the Mumbai devotees continued and Mangala Arathi at 1810 hrs. marked the end of the evening’s proceedings.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II