Naatya Bharati – Dance Offering by Kalaimamani Madhavapeddi Murthy & Prasanthi Dance Group

The country that stands with her head held high upholding spiritual, religious, ethical and cultural values aloft, shining forth as a beacon light for the entire world, is celebrating her 65th national Republic Day today. The Republic Day honours the date on which the  Constitution of India came into force, on 26 January.

Commemorating the grand occasion the Prasanthi Dance Group along with renowned Kuchipudi exponent Kalaimamani Madhavapeddi Murthy presented an evening of Dance and Music here in Prasanthi Nilayam today.

Titled ‘Naatya Bharati’ the programme started off with an invocatory item propitiating Lord Ganesha, performed by the budding dancers from the higher secondary batch of students. Mr Murthy then presented “Jagananda Karaka”, the first Pancharatna Kirtana of St Thyagaraja. His solo item that followed next, on Annamacharya’s famous composition “Muddugare Yasoda”, was a classic depiction of Lord Krishna’s illustrious life. Bhagawan’s famous padyam (poetic rendition) on ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidatha’ “Khanda Khandanthara…” was the penultimate item, done by the students, before the concluding number “Sundaram Bharatam Sarala Sumanoharam… Vaibhavam Bharatam Madhura Neeranchalam” a classic tribute to adorable Mother India, offered by the entire troupe.

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Bhajans continued and ended with Sunday Special in Bhagawan’s mellifluous voice, “Shivaaya Parameshwaraaya Chandrasekharaaya Namah Om…”Mangala Arathi at 1800 hrs. marked the end of the evening’s proceedings.

Born in Chennai, with his family route in Andhra Pradesh, Madhavapedddi Murthy, son of acclaimed playback singer Madhavapeddi Sathyam, is a phenomenon in the dance scenario of the country, who has travelled extensively performing all over India and in many countries abroad. Mr Murthy learnt Kuchipudi  under the tutelage of  Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam, Founder-Director, Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai, for more than 20 years perfecting the art. He had the rare privilege of performing in Bhagawan’s Divine Presence during the 70th Birthday Celebrations in Puttaparthi before returning to perform again last year, on the same day, offering a programme entitled “Saayi Nrithya Sangamam” with the same group of students.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II