Sathya Sai Darshanam – The Beauty Beyond Compare!!!

HE is glory came down to planet earth and every time, every day, every session, when He comes out granting Divine darshan, it writes yet another glorious chapter in the Story of God’s Supreme Divine benediction!

Given below is an excerpt from the ‘Darshan Story’ on 9 September 2010 in Prasanthi Nilayam as chronicled by The Prasanthi Reporter…

Let’s read..assimilate…live with it and thus manifest HIM, our Beloved Mother Sai!


Thu, Sep 09, 2010: This day, on Holy Thursday evening, Bhagawan emerged at 1814 hrs. to come for a full round of darshan. As He moved past the flocks of devotees, Bhagawan spent awhile at the primary block, accepting greeting cards, conferring birthday benedictions to some of the tiny tots. Interacting with some, Bhagawan moved further into the ladies’ side, for a full length, to turn about to come on to the verandah. Blessing spree continued as Bhagawan moved past the lower verandah to come onstage at 1838 hrs. And full throated bhajans rented the air with added vigour, heralding His entry onstage.

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The session continued for another half-an-hour as Bhagawan sat through presiding over. At 1900 hrs., Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi, upon which He interacted with one of the lead bhajan singers who had a Ramzan programme card for Divine approval. Whispering into the singer’s ear, Bhagawan sat for some more time before moving off the dais at 1910 hrs. to get into the interview room. A couple of minutes later, Bhagawan emerged to glide into the ladies’ side retiring for the day.

Earlier, when Bhagawan emerged from Yajur Mandiram in the evening, He was greeted by a group of boys from the hostel along with the Warden of the hostel who arrayed there with Ganesha statues to be taken to the hostels after the sanctifying touch from Bhagawan, an annual procedure. Interacting with the Warden and the boys, Bhagawan moved into Sai Kulwant Hall for His round of Divine darshan!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II