Rescued in the womb…

When an intense prayer emanates from a heart suffused with deep-rooted faith, the prayer is granted, with the Lord performs a ‘miracle’…even to the extent of rescuing a baby inside the womb…Read on a wonder-tale from the life of the Lithuanian couple, Darius Zukas and Lolita, an incident from July 2000.

My name is Darius Zukas and my wife’s name is Lolita – we are from Lithuania, Europe. We feel much honoured to tell the story of our daughter Atile. Her entry into this world was Swami’s miracle. Atile was born on 1st July, 2000. In April, 2000, we came to Brindavan for just 12 days to say “Thank You” to our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

When Lolita was in her 4th month of pregnancy, she suddenly felt unwell, one day. Usually she had a very good connection with the child. So we went to our local doctor that we were registered to. Lolita underwent an ultrasonic test. It showed that the baby in the womb was dead; no heart beat, no breathing, no movements… We were much depressed.

My wife got the papers to be admitted to the hospital next morning for cleaning operation. We went home feeling very sad. I remember very well, it was a Thursday – a day earmarked for the worship of Guru, The Supreme Teacher. So, we decided to pray to our Guru and God. We could not sleep that night – we had spent it praying to Swami, “Swami, it is not fair – we cannot accept this situation, please help us…”

In the morning, we packed the things needed for the hospital and went for admission. When we came to the hospital in Vilnius, we were asked once more to undergo the ultrasonic test. This time, the doctor was quite surprised – she looked once, twice, and said: “why have they sent you for an operation? You and your child are okay!” We could not believe in the first instance, and then we burst into a laughter – we knew it was Swami!!!

We were so happy that we decided to get the tickets to pay our heart-felt gratitude to Swami…

And this gave us an opportunity to spend four precious years of our lives in Prasanthi, serving Bhagawan.