Powerpacked Speech, Musical Dance Drama On Tamil New Year Day…

Celebrating the auspicious advent of Chittirai Thirunal, the Tamil New Year, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations – Tamil Nadu presented a colourful evening powered with speech, dance and music today, 14 April, here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The programme for the evening commenced at 1720 hrs. after 20 minutes of Rudram chanting by the state troupe. Sri Karthik Ramesh, an alumnus of SSSIHL, of the MBA batch of 2005-07, was the guest speaker for the evening.

Delivering a speech infused with power and potency, marked with purity and clarity and empowered with devotion and determination, Sri Karthik began with rich gratitude offering to Bhagawan for His touch of grace, especially for His gift of ‘life-line’, saving him from a fatal air-crash, extending his life, in November 2012. The script would not have been any better as this incident happened at a time when he was nostalgically pondering over Bhagawan’s physical absence, seeking His blessings during his birthday on November 25, last year.

What can we offer in gratitude to Bhagawan, Whose Love has been the most precious priceless gift for all of us, asked Sri Karthik delving into the topic for the evening, Bhakthi, Shakthi, Mukthi, as given by Bhagawan in a dream a couple of days ago.

Love has lost its original meaning in this present age of selfish interests…Love is polluted to Life On the Very Edge, said the speaker reminding the audience about the supreme significance of Bhagawan’s mission. Reminiscing the closeness and physical interaction that, as a student, he enjoyed during his MBA days he narrated how Bhagawan drawn him closer to learn the art of surrender, the most crucial and vital step in the life of a spiritual aspirant.

Bhagawan’s mission has taken off, said the speaker, referring to indications given by Bhagawan long ago, and we are all travelling in First Class towards the destination; while on-board, we need to remind ourselves, watching carefully of the petty trivial happenings around, on Earth, that in the macro-cosmic view all the petty human affairs that we deal with are trial and avoidable, said the speaker exhorting that worldly and spiritual life cannot go hand in hand and one needs to discriminate between the worldly and spiritual judiciously.

Sri Sathya Sai Organisations is the biggest manifestation of Bhagawan said Sri Karthik, referring to the yeomen service activities being done by the Organisation around the world.

Referring to his meeting with an evolved Spiritual Master, Sri Karthik echoed what the Spiritual Master spoke about Bhagawan….that Bhagawan has no beginning…no middle and no end…

Karthik is currently working as Vice President of Maestro Technologies, a US based software firm. Karthik has been active in various capacities in the Sathya Sai Organisational circuit, especially in the US, ever since he walked out of the hallowed portals of Sathya Sai University. He has also been taking an active role in various Ashram related software projects, especially in the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and the Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust.

Next to come was a short dance by the Balvikas fraternity invoking Lord Ganesha, a precursor for the main presentation for the evening, Kaisika Mahatmyam, a dance drama by the rural Balvikas students of Tirukkurunkudi Village of Tirunelveli District.

The presentation was based on the story of Nampaduvaan, as narrated by Lord Maha Vishnu to Bhoodevi, answering her inquisitiveness to know the easiest way to cross the ocean of worldly existence.

Traced to the Varaahapuranam, the story depicts the supreme significance of Namasmarana as the panacea for Kali age.

Nampaduvaan, an out-caste by birth, was not allowed to enter into the temple to worship his chosen deity Lord Nambi in the temple at Thirukurungudi village in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Owing to the oddity, Nampuduvaan would sing loudly in praise of Lord Nambi every year on Shuklapaksha Ekadashi day of Karthika month. Once, while he was going to the temple, on the way, a demon stopped him demanding his flesh. Nampuduvaan sought excuse telling that he would complete the worship at the temple before returning to offer himself to the will of the demon. Convinced of his sincerity, the demon permitted Nampuduvaan to proceed.

Enroute, Lord Himself appeared in the disguise of an old man suggesting Nampuduvaan to take a different route to save himself from the demon. Determined to adhere to the word given, adhering to Truth, Nampuduvaan refused to accede to the suggestion. Lord was pleased and thus blessed him profusely.

When Nampuduvaan returned, the demon was surprised and humbled and instead of his flesh asked for the merit that he earned by singing paeans to Lord Nambi. Subsequently, upon interrogation, the demon disclosed his identity as a fallen brahmin, owing to a small mistake committed while performing a Yajna. The demon pleaded that Nampuduvaan alone could redeem him by parting the merit of singing the last song in Kaisika Raga. To point out the significance of this song in Kaisika Svara, the whole episode was named as Kaisika Mahatmyam.

Highlighting the supreme significance of Namasmarana, in the Kali age, a clip of Bhagawan discoursing on the subject was shown as a interlude.

The colourful presentation was studded with beautiful poetic verses from the epic as well melodious songs and dances by the Balvikas children.

This art form was revived and reconstructed to its present form by Prof Ramajujam, formerly with Thanjavur University, presently visiting professor at Hyderabad Central University.

At the end of the presentation all participating children were presented with special gifts.

Bhajans by the state troupe continued and ended with Bhagawan singing Sunday Special Subramaniam Subramaniam.

Earlier in the morning, after half-an-hour Vedam by the Tamil Nadu group, bhajan was done by the Sundaram Bhajan group from 0830 hrs. till Mangala Arathi at 0930 hrs.

Being Vishu, the Kerala New Year, devotees from the state had also organised the traditional ‘auspicious sight’, Vishukkani, at the Sanctum Sanctorum, this morning.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II