Kindness Is Manliness In Man and Femininity In A Woman

William Wordsworth, in one of his poems, listed acts of Kindness and Love as the best of a good man’s life.  Of what avail is one’s life sans kindness to the world around…of what avail is one’s life that does not care for the man next and the world around, that does not feel the pain of his fellow beings…it is time for man to introspect, to inculcate the value and thus set himself free, for man alone holds the key for his freedom, writes Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri…


So, what do you say?
Are you ready to do a survey?
The answers will reveal the real you,
Only to you…

Are you then ready to face what makes or breaks you?
Are you ready to face the face in the mirror,
Dearest Ma’am, My dear Sir,
Sweet Sister and Brother?
Are we quite ready to step over -
The aggressive arrogance,
The ego tussles,
The scornful venom,
The wanting to have the last word,
The righteous indignation,
The mad rush to rush ahead,
The harbouring of grudges,
The unforgiving attitude,
The defensive approach,
The comparing outlook,
The ‘set mind’
The doubting mind-set,
The narrow stance,
The prejudiced glance?
The ‘this is beneath me’ way,
The ‘their pain is nothing to do with me’ point of view,
Characteristics accumulated as we travelled through the lanes of life,
Or perhaps inherited by way of genes and dna,
Are you then quite ready?
To say –
Neti, Neti,
This is the non-soul,
So far placed from my actual role,
I have to untangle myself,
If I must reach my goal,
It is like acid that is corroding my being,
The real me…
I must let soul-feelings shine through,
Compassion must come into view,
Liberate myself I have to…

To the self within,
It is time to be kind,
Elevate the thought process,
Introspect towards a way of living more refined,
What kind of a person am I?
To the suffering of those around me,
How can I turn a blind eye?
I owe this much to Beloved Mother Sai?
Don’t I?
Kindness makes Bhagawan descend to where you are,
Kindness does your ‘will’ enhance and empower,
Kindness is an offshoot of love,
And where there is love there is God,
So, kindness brings forth,
Attracts its own reward,
A divine accord,
Kindness is Manliness in man,
Femininity in a woman,
Shedding a tear or two,
While listening to another’s woe,
Makes a man more macho,
And a woman realize her true essence,
Acts of care and consideration does the heart cleanse,
Adds reason to living,
Through an everlasting season of giving,
Making life well worth,
Sublimating the purpose of a human birth…’
So then, are you quite ready?
To be kind to yourself,
From all that is the ‘non-soul’, ‘Neti, Neti’,
And unkind,
To set yourself free…
You alone hold the key… 

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II