Devotional Music Programme by Odisha Youth

Odisha once again proved why she has always established herself in a soft corner of Bhagawan’s heart. The youth of Odisha presented a moving prayer to Bhagawan in the most successful medium of a devotee – Music. A garland of some of Bhagawan’s most loved songs delivered with wonderful Bhava and strict adherence to Raga and Tala had the audience mesmerised.

Starting with an excerpt from the holy Upanishads, “Isha Vandana”, they adored the Maternal aspect of the Lord with the song, “Maa’go Karunamayee Saijanani”. One of the most popular song with His students, “Madhura Mohana Ghanashyama” was the next rendition followed by two songs of surrender praying and yearning for succour at His lotus feet.

Bhagawan has often extolled the flute as the most perfect instrument in the Lord’s hands. Being hollow, without any obstruction to the flow, allows the will of God to work through it. “Baje Muralia” inspired that feeling in us. The youth concluded the symphony with two songs in praise of His name and His munificence.

The group continued with Bhajans which included some of Bhagawan’s own compositions. The group was honored with clothes while special Odisha sweets were distributed to the assembly.