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The Lesson ‘Dakshinamurthi’ teaches…

Bhagawan’s unique way of story-telling often brings lore from ancient lives, texts and even from realms unknown to man, known only to God … here comes a beautiful recountal from Bhagawan, Who narrates a story involving The Supreme Teacher, Dakshinamurthi, from Whom it is believed that all the knowledge, sacred wisdom, emanated. read more »

“Why don’t You show Yourself to all?”

Is it so easy to manifest HIM, our Chosen Lord, in front of us in physical? …For Maladasa, an innocent cowherd, it was…as his unflinching faith coupled with persistent yearning won him His physical darshan…a story from the Mahabharata times as recounted by Bhagawan Himself… read more »

Ananya Bhakti…

How many of us do get immersed in the melodic, enchanting music of Sai Krishna’s flute, completely intoxicated, forgetting our own selves??? Bhagawan narrates the essence of true, unparalleled devotion…Ananya Bhakthi… From Bhagawan’s Divine discourse at Abbotsbury, Chennai, on 19 Jan 1986. read more »

How easy it is to seek Brahma-Jnana?

How highly one could…or how lightly one could treat the theory of Brahma-Jnana…? The best answer comes from a “live-example”,  from the time of Shirdi Sai, wherein Bhagawan presented an episode, of a rich, naive man’s ambition to see Brahman. What was Shirdi Sai’s precepts to the ‘worldly one’ … a beautiful episode from Sai Satcharita. read more »

“In my life, henceforth, I will not utter falsehood”

Mahatma Gandhi’s life was an open book for Indians and for the entire world. India’s iconic Freedom Fighter Statesman, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarath on October 2nd, 1869. Nearly a century and a half after his birth, the Mahatma is still remembered fondly all over the world for his exemplary life, dedicated to Truth. What Bhagawan had spoken of Gandhiji, exhorting His young students to take a leaf out of the Mahatma’s book…to become ideals…Remembering Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti… read more »

Develop Selfless Love and Manifest Him…

Develop pure, selfless and egoless love, then God will manifest before you instantaneously, says Bhagawan recounting a beautiful episode from His previous incarnation as Lord Krishna…extracted from Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse in Prasanthi Nilayam on July 31, 1996. read more »

The sultan and his wish…

When you are eager to gain an end, you must be prepared for all the travail, all the obstacles or else, you should not entertain the wish. The five Pandava brothers are the five Pranas (vital airs) in the human body and all of them constitute one entity, and Draupadi, born of fire, is the energy that activates the body. When this is ignored and the epic is taken as a story of kings and queens and dynastic wars, the meaning is missed, said Bhagawan narrating a related story ascertaining the above point. read more »

Whom do you prefer…Lakshmi or Narayana…?

How much have we utilised His Presence when He chose to walk amongst us, loving and serving, teaching and preaching  the Supreme Path Of Truth to Sanathana Dharma? Has mankind ever understood the supreme potential of this Mighty Lord? Hinting upon man’s folly in going after Lakshmi, leaving Narayana out Bhagawan narrated a beautiful story involving Lord Narayana, His consort Goddess Lakshmi and Devarishi Narada. read more »

With God…Be Fair…

How petty minds, full of selfish desires work, at times trying to cheat even God without knowing that they are playing around with the Cosmic Creator, at Whose mercy the whole of creation is hanging…existing… ? Saying that, “… your prayers will be answered only when there is sincerity in you” Bhagawan narrated an episode from His Story, concluding that attempt to cheat God would lead to dire consequences… From Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse on 19 October 1999. read more »

How Arjuna learnt the Big Lesson?!?

Implicit obedience to The Lord is what is desirable for an ideal devotee. The veil of delusion which covers up the Divinity inherent in man is so thick that it inflates man’s ego, tempting him to forget even God. Arjuna, while being driven by Lord Krishna  in the Kurukshetra battlefield, donning the role of Charioteer, was in this ‘tight-spot’ with his ego pumped up for a moment, only to learn the big lesson finally reposing full faith in Lord Krishna. read more »