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Divine Pastime…

When God Supreme is credited as The Creator of this visible and all invisible universes, He and He alone can authentically speak of His mysterious creation. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai has often made profound revelations about His projected creation and His role as the Master Creator. God initiates man into innocent, tender, loveable and loving childhood, and what does he do in turn… Read on Sri Sathya Sai… read more »

Exemplary Patriotism Of Subhash Chandra Bose

Addressing the devotees in Prasanthi Nilayam Bhagawan spoke on the occasion of Sixtieth Independence Day of India, on 15th August 2007, lauding the patriotic feeling of India’s foremost Freedom Fighter, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.  Commenting about Netaji’s burning desire to make India a great natioin, Bhagawan said, “No other leader had such a strong aspiration for the freedom and progress of the Country…” read more »

Dharma is misunderstood

What is meant by Dharma? What is the essence of Dharma? Can common people lead a happy life and survive if they stick to Dharma? Naturally, these doubts confuse the mind in the course of life, discoursed Bhagawan explaining the dark clouds loom over the righteous farbic of society… Despite God Himself telling it,  in language never spoken earlier, men of today have not leant the right lessons…The world around, happenings around indicate that man continues to ignore the Divine Call…over and over again…let’s pay heed… read more »

Eternal Truths Should Form The Subject Of Books

Blessing the Book Trust on August 24, 2007 Bhagawan gave an exhilarating Divine Discourse, outlining the roles and responsibilities for the publihing house, publishing good books taking Eternal Truths to the masses, to the devoted ones.

All the former students who are working here are discharging their duties with steadfastness and devotion. It is because of their hard work that this Book Stall has made great progress. It is not enough if you merely bring out books; you should put into practice what is given in the books. You should understand and assimilate all the teachings that are contained in the books and practise them. Pustaka (book), Mastaka (head) and Hasta (hand) should be in harmony. read more »

Man’s Misbehaviour & Natural Disasters

With India reeling under the disastrous effect of the Uttarakhand Tragedy, of natural disaster, it is prudent to listen to what Bhagawan had spoken about man, his responsibilities towards nature and the cause of natural disasters…Extracted from the Divine Discourse delivered on 13 February 1997. read more »


“Om ithyekaksharam Brahma, the single letter OM is Brahman Itself, said Bhagawan explaining the purport and supreme significance of the Pranava Mantra. What does the Mantra stand for and what are its special significance. Bhagawan explained the same in a Divine discourse delivered on 1 October 1984 at the Poornachandra Auditorium  in Prasanthi Nilayam. read more »

A Divine Wake Up Call…

Man with his precious human life often acts quite casual without taking notice of the fact that time is fleeting fast. When, in a given life span, man has to act duty-bound, pursuing his goal of life, knowing what is not yet known, of his own identity, often he fails, deluded by the temporary, acting devoid of love and compassion, degrading himself to the bestial level. A wake up call from Bhagawan… read more »

Selfless Sai…

Man is not qualified to evaluate  and judge His actions…all that He does is without any trace of selfishness, aimed at the larger good, be it for an individual, society or humanity or entire creation…He does it and it should be human to accept Him in totality…How He took upon Himself something disastrous of great proportions, attributing the same as if to ‘save one student’…He does it silently, without any publicity all out of His abundant love for His own creation…Bhagawan Himself narrates the famous incident during Sports Meet 1999. read more »

The Burden Of The Badge…

In 1965, the year which saw the 40th Birthday celebrations of the Advent of the Sai Avatar, the small township of Prasanthi Nilayam was teeming with pilgrims. The Sevadal volunteers, as always, had a huge role to play to ensure that all the celebrations are conducted with ease and efficiency. And Swami in that year personally gave the volunteer badges to every chosen member. Not only this, He also delivered two exclusive discourses to guide these inspired men and women so that they tread on this sacred path of service in the right manner. Here are excerpts from those two divine discourses, one of which was delivered in the month of February and the other in November. read more »

Global Akhanda Bhajan

“You too must pass your days in song. Let your whole life be a bhajan. Believe that God is everywhere at all times, and derive strength, comfort and joy by singing His Glory in His Presence. Let melody and harmony surge up from your hearts and let all take delight in the Love that you express through that song.” said Bhagawan in an exclusive Divine Discourse delivered on 14th Nov 1976 on the occasion of Global Akhanda Bhajan.  read more »