Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu – The Prayer In The ‘NOW’

Facing the most unprecedented time in the history of recent generations, being Sai devotees, how do we go about it, facing the oddities upfront? read more »

See Me in a dog also… D O G – dog will lead you to God – G-O-D

Some years ago, at the end of a Guru Purnima Divine discourse, Bhagawan urged the devotees to develop compassion. Bhagawan said then, See Me in a dog also… D O G – dog will lead you to God – G-O-D. What a beautiful statement hidden with Supreme Truth of coexistence! True, one needs to rise to a level of higher consciousness to understand and imbibe this Supreme Truth. With Bhagawan HimSelf showing all-out compassion for all of His creation, are we not, His ‘devotees’ bound to practise His precepts? Let’s learn a lesson from the Life of Bhagawan at Shirdi as to how He Taught To See GOD in a DOG, an insightful reminder from the Sai Satcharita read more »

3 Tales Of Unsurpassed Loyalty and Devotion

After the initiation into the rephrased Cosmic MahaMantra, Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu, Prasanthi Nilayam reverberated for a brief period with the Mantra Samastha Jeevah Sukhino Bhavantu, tenderly touching each being individually, thus covering the entire Srushti, Creation. Is not our Beloved Master Supreme all-encompassing, that He represents The Oneness of entire creation. Bhagawan during His sojourn on Earth did love all creatures, explicitly demonstrating for the world around the supreme significance of the Cosmic MahaMantra, Samastha Jeevah Sukhino Bhavantu! An article by avid animal lover, Late Ms Mercini Sheratt from the United Kingdom, penned a few years ago.  read more »

Cheppinattu Chestara???

Decades ago, as young Sathya, Bhagawan staged a drama of value-oriented message titled ‘Cheppinattu Chestara’, asking the ‘worldly’ around, as to whether they follow their words with appropriate deeds, practising Trikarana Suddhi, unity in thought, word and deed. Time and again during His sojourn on earth Bhagawan would send timely reminders for the man to follow suit. read more »

Heed The Call Of SadhGuru Sai… “Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu”

So full of Divine, the writer reflects the feelings of every single devotee here, our collective feelings for Beloved Mother Sai,  The Guru Of All Gurus, The Supreme SadhGuru,  The Sanathana Sarathi, that one is impulsively prompted to rhyme the famous poetic line “Sukshmam Se Sukshmam Tu Hai Sthul Itna Ki Jisme Yeh Brahmand Sara Samaya”. A poetic beauty from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri on the epochal theme of Cosmic Oneness, ‘Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu’.  read more »

Aham SathyaBodhaka

Aham Sathyabodhaka, declared The Mighty Lord Supreme long ago, defining HimSelf on planet Earth, reminding the mankind of His ‘Mission Sri Sathya Sai’. During this sacred season of holy Guru Purnima, let’s ‘re-mind’ ourselves, tuning deep in,  remembering Him and recapitulating His…, His Sathya Bodhanam, Bhagawan’s True Truth Preaching, that reminds every single jeeva of his/her true nature, true goal, that is I Am…!  read more »

A Gift Must Be Made Without Pride Or Publicity

Remove the extra ‘O’ that is mere zero, from ‘good’ and you are GOD says Bhagawan discoursing on the most enchanting ‘spirituo-egotistic’ dual between Lord Vamana and Emperor MahaBali. (Onam Divine discourse on 15th August 1970) read more »

Man should aim at being Siva, not Yama

…A priceless piece of advice from Bhagawan on adhering to the righteous path to become a Truthful, Rightful human being, putting the very best effort to know what is ‘Unknown’, The True Truth. read more »

What Best Should I…, Oh My Lord!?!

Facing a situation, call it unprecedented, how do I pass this phase, facing the same off, while doing My Best? When I had this thought-provoking stream of introspection, I have decided to pen them calling it a prayer from my heart, an offering to My Beloved Inner Source n’ Force, Lord Supreme Sri Sathya Sai. read more »

Hail, Holy Mother, Mother Easwaramma!!!

He searched for a womb as pure as ‘pure’ can be… and His eyes fell on her… The reference to ‘He’ is pointing towards the ‘Supreme Most’ Divine Persona creation has ever witnessed, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai and the other person reference is about His Chosen Mother – Mother Easwaramma. The Prasanthi Reporter joins the fraternity of devotees from the world around commemorating the most adorable Mother – Mother Easwaramma on the occasion of Mother Easwaramma Day, 6th May, 2020.  read more »

‘Within You Is The Real Happiness’

Decades ago He wrote a letter meant for devotees en masse, educating humans of their True Truth, exhorting them to shun what is not real, to gain the infinite universal individuality. Here comes the Message from Bhagawan titled ‘Message’. read more »