God Consciousness

Human sojourn on Earth is meant to realise the innate Divinity, and man can attain it by aligning every thought, word and action to that of God’s, the Divine Will, says Bhagawan in an inner message to Lucas Ralli. Extracted from the book ‘Sai Messages For You & Me’ series by the same author.

Man has plumbed the depths in an effort to satisfy his earthly desires. But there is no end to that search, and it merely leads him along an endless road towards nowhere. The further he goes, the more he experiences those desires until he finds himself on the edge of an abyss.

But, eventually, a tiny ray of light appears, an invitation from the Divinity to look elsewhere for a solution to the cravings of the apparently uncontrollable mind. The light comes from within, for it is within man that Divinity resides. Man is himself, Divine.

Look within for the solution to all your problems; there is no solution in the outside world. The world is simply a playground where you play out the game of life, the game of God.

How can you realise your own innate Divinity? By blending your whole life, and every thought and action with The Will of The Lord. It is that constant dialogue with the Lord that will help you to concentrate your mind on the Divine and divert your attention from the vicissitudes of the world and all that goes on in that world.

Live in the world, yes, but do not become part of it.

Once you turn to God, your life becomes one of attunement with the Divine, and you see everything in a different light. Even your enemies can be seen for what they really are, aspects of the Divine, for that Divinity exists within all mankind.

As you turn towards the Divine, everything in life takes on a new dimension. Problems of the past can be seen for what they are, passing clouds travelling across the sky, obscuring the light for a short time. Those problems are purely temporal, but the light is always there, the shining light of the universe. It is the light of God that is the very source of all creation.

The Lord said, “Let there be light”, and there was light. Let that light shine through you so that you yourself become a beacon of light and rise to the highest level of consciousness where you and God are one. That is God-Consciousness.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II