Suvarna Rathotsavam and Jhoola Mahotsavam

Post the glittering 96th Year Of Advent celebrations in the morning, traditional twin events of Sri Sathya Sai Suvarna Rathotsavam and Sri Sathya Sai Jhoola Mahotsavam featured in the evening turned twilight session in the Divine OmniPresence at the Sai Kulwant Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam. Two back to back musical concerts accompanied the Jhoola Mahotsavam, first by the famed Malladi Brothers, followed by the Prasanthi Bhajan group. 

The Golden Chariot Procession commenced at 1700 hrs from the ‘Ganesha’, escorting The Lord in His OmniPresent form on the Golden Chariot to the accompaniment of Vedam and Bhajans. Hundreds upon hundreds of enthusiastic devotees participated in the procession that did circumambulate the Mandir precincts en route to the Sai Kulwant Hall, completed in 45 minutes.

Twilight was setting in, and it was time to swing The Supreme Lord on the Jhoola. Bhagawan had adorned the Jhoola in the past in His physical form on many occasions, a rare beauty, a sight for even the heavens to witness and rejoice, joining the earthly folks.

Famed Carnatic vocalists Malladi Brothers, Malladi Ramprasad and Malladi Ravikumar, along with their father, Malladi Suri Babu, presented a Carnatic offering on the sidelines of the Jhoola Mahotsavam. With the Lord on the Jhoola swinging, the brothers opened their concert with Evarani Nirnayinchirira…, a Saint Thyagaraja composition and flowed on with Seethamma Mayamma…, Shiva Shiva Shiva Yenarada…, Swararaga Sudharasayuta…, all Saint Thyagaraja compositions. The Birthday number, ‘Bhagavanudu Puttina Panduga…’ next was enough to evoke nostalgic memories of the many-a-past-birthday-occasion with Bhagawan adorning the dais/jhoola. The final piece was ‘Saikathale Sukha Shantulu Sopanaalu…‘ a special number on Sri Sathya Sai.

The Malladi Brother had performed in Prasanthi Nilayam on many earlier occasions. The Guru Purnima 2010 witnessed the duo performing back to back on two sessions, the Guru Purnima evening on July 25, followed by the 26th morning, when Bhagawan blessed them with an encore at His ‘own’ instance.

This evening the duo were accompanied by Sarvasree Embar S Kannan on violin, Harish Venkateshwaran on harmonium, Tumkur C Shivashankar and Malladi Shivanand on mridangam and Saichand on tanpura. The mridangam duo played a spirited Jugalbandhi interspersing the song Swararaga…, captivating the audience attention.

With the Lord swinging on the Jhoola, the Prasanthi Bhajan group continued from where the duo stopped, presenting a garland of selected melodies. They began with Aaj Tumhara Janam Divas…, Leelamanusha Veshadhara…, meandering on to Amidst the darkness that ruled the world…, the 60th Birthday Jhoola number, O’ Baba! Much Pe Raham Rakhna…, a qawwali number, Parthipuree Nayakam Sree Gurum…, a Carnatic number, Uyyalalooparare Sathya Saini…, the lullaby song, to conclude with a qawwali song, Tere Darbar Mein Hum Aaye Hey… An electrifying session with passionate devotion from His grateful students turned musicians.

As bhajans continued, prasadam distribution went on. The grand 96th Year Of Advent celebrations concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan, at 2030 hrs.

Truly, November 23 keeps smiling the smile on and on, for, this ‘chosen day’ has been ‘infinitised’ by the Lord Supreme, in His truest benevolence for the humanity and the creation at large, in His resolve to make every single devotee happy, celebrating His ‘BirthDay’ in the truest spiritual sense, the-Sai-way.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II