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There Is Only One Language – The Language Of The Heart

Song Celestial Bhagavad Gita, the essence of Vedas and Upanishads, has many Shlokas that echo the Vedic doctrine of one-ness of humanity. Bhagawan Sri Krishna even went on declaring that He is The Friend of all creatures -’Suhridam Sarva Bhutanam’. He went on declaring “Ishwara Sarva Bhutanam” that He, The Lord, has the same affection for all creatures, and whosoever remembers Him, resides in Him, and the Lord in turn…. We have heard Bhagawan read more »

Namah Svabhya Svapathibhyascha Vo Namah

Prayer is more than mechanical lip service, where man needs to follow-up his prayer with congenial action, compatible to his prayer. When he does not, he turns a hypocrite, failing to live up to His expectations. When Bhagawan’s own life has become His message, everyone of us, His devotees, should strive to rise up, living up to His set ideals. Are we…? let’s introspect within as we read Sri Jullie Chaudhuri… read more »

Sacrifice Animal Qualities, Not Animals…

Living in a progressive modern world, man is still to evolve justifying his status, among creation, bestowed upon him by the Creator. Unaware of the gross sin being committed man , even today, is a slave to his passion for flavour of flesh appeasing his taste buds. If we do not rein in our intent, posthate, it would be bit too late, comments Sri Jullie Chaudhuri writing on all that Bhagawan has taught us about Care for life, Concern for Nature and Respect/Reverence for all of Creation. read more »

Karuna Draws The Lord Near…Karuna Makes The Lord Appear…

When Almighty Lord as The Creator ever remains alongside His creation, as the Soul Spark within, having imbued with this wisdom, can man ever stray from his path acting oblivious of the co-existing animal kingdom? If man is marching God-ward it is a must for him to instil feeling of Love and Compassion, if ever he wants to evolve to have His Beloved Lord appear before him. A beautiful poem from the pen of Ms Jullie Chaudhuri. read more »

What a crow can teach

When Prasanthi Nilayam becomes a global spiritual workshop, every being coming to this holy land gets the golden opportunity to learn from everything around, from every being around, be it a winged one or an animal or a fellow human. This miniscule world ‘created’ by Beloved Bhagawan has everything in it for humanity to observe, imbibe and practise. One such pilgrim leant a vital lesson during his/her trip to Prasanthi, a lesson learnt by observing a ‘crow act’, sitting in the precincts of hallowed Prasanthi Nilayam. Extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, May 1990. read more »

Do You Have The Courage To Be Kind?

What human can learn from animals? An amazing tale of gentleness, generosity, compassion and love was seen in a canine, in an Animal Shelter, where the canine mothered eighteen puppies that were left orphaned. Watching this incredible act of love exhibited by an animal, the writer, Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri, with bells of introspection ringing within, pauses, asking fellow travellers to toe the line, keeping Bhagawan’s Love in their hearts, to be His envoy serving all as One… read more »

Beloved Bhagawan…So Incomprehensibly Vast Are You!

In a world so incomprehensibly vast,  God – The Creator  has  not made any distinctions when it comes to “Love n’ Serve”. As is the Biblical saying, All Are One…Be Alike To Everyone, Bhagawan taught humanity to “Love All and Serve All…Help Ever and Hurt Never”. Are we diligent  in following what He has preached, what He has practised and what He has allowed us to imbibe? Let’s pause for a while and listen to a narration from Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri, of a big heart that practises Tender Loving Care in serving the co-existing world of humans and who, most incessantly asks for Cosmic Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of our Beloved Bhagawan. Let’s gear up for a Cosmic Embrace… read more »

I Am In Every Heart That Is The Temple Where I Dwell

The Lord of our times, our Beloved Bhagawan, epitomised Love not alone for humans, but for all of His creation. The Lord Who gifted a revised Universal Mantra, “Samasta Lokah…” encompassing entire creation, often hinted upon expanding our hearts to “Samasta Jeevah…” for humans to take a cue and imbibe, loving all alike, be it human, four legged ones, the flying colours or even other terrestial beings. It’s time for man to see God in a dog…and that alone would help him to earn His Grace…seeing all alike as exemplified by Mother Sai…Read on an interesting episode illustrating how precious is a animal that we identify as ‘stray’ one when it comes to viewing through His eyes…For me there were no strays all belonged to Bhagawan and I couldn’t ‘stray’ away from that thought…writes Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri narrating a life-saving incident from her diary, happened in early nineties. read more »

Baba – The God Of Bees!

Emphatic statements boasting of one’s faith in God could very well be heard and tested by God ‘in the same coin’. Baba’s ears are everywhere and better watch out, says Ms. Maria St. John of California narrating a thrilling episode of her own….Baba – The God Of Bees! …an extract from Sanathana Sarathi later published under Sai Spiritual Showers.

read more »

God is present in everyone in the form of The Atma

How many of us follow the age old adage “live and let live” and how many of us make a sincere effort to live our lives responding to the moment in accordance with His teachings? Having been fortunate to come under Bhagawan’s Supreme Love, most rarest of heavenly boon, are we not obliged to transform into Cosmic Beings, showing Care for Life, Concern for Nature, Love and Reverence for all Creation sans any reservations… read more »