Start Early…Drive Slowly…Reach Safely…

Do you have love for animals, birds and other creatures? If so, here is a real incident happened in as recent as Nov 2011, on the busy road near Deccan Gymkhana, Pune. The story has an inspiring tale, a resolve to follow Bhagawan’s dictum “Love All Serve All”, “Help Ever Hurt Never”, shown by a young journalist based in the city. The Lord Who introduced the Universal Prayer, ‘Samasta Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu’ lived His life loving His creation sans any reservation, emitting His Love Unbounded on all life forms. Rightly, He introduced another Universal Prayer, ‘Samasta Jeevah Sukhino Bhavantu’ encompassing all life forms under His loving care and protection. Read a poem, a third person’s account from Sri Jullie Chaudhuri, on this young lady journalist’s adventure to save a wounded, abandoned horse. Indeed a lesson for you and me, to follow His Message!!!

The car sped along the road,
To miss this event,
They just couldn’t afford,
Traffic lights, vehicles swishing by,
Cycles, Scooters, Cars, Pedestrians,
None heard the cry,
For there was no cry,
Though wounded in several places severely,
The abandoned horse lay silently,
It’s breathing laboured,
It’s vision blurred,
Surrounded by swarming flies,
Yet there was not a murmur,
Nor a stir…

She saw this scene from afar,
As she came up close,
She stopped her car,
She had to do something,
She had to,
Though her boss sitting beside her,
Asked her to carry on and not to,
No doubt right now she was on duty as a journalist,
But helping a fellow being in need,
She just couldn’t resist…

She got down and handed her boss the keys,
Asking him to carry on without her… please,
To another’s suffering,
She couldn’t turn a blind eye,
This is what she had learnt from her Guru,
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…

As he heard her statement,
Her boss said,
“Your feelings are well meant,
But that is just an animal…
And they are generally ignored,
By most people…”
Sir, that is why I am doing,
What I have to do,
Someone has to reach out,
And I am sure you know this to be true,
This could happen to anyone,
To me or to you,
In this case it is an animal,
But they have feelings too,
They get hurt, they feel pain,
But they don’t show it like we do,
They don’t scream and shout,
Or lash about,
Or raise a hullaballoo,
Quietly and stoically, 
They bear their agony through…

The boss heard her,
And what’s more he waited too,
She caressed the horse gently,
Speaking soothing words lovingly,
Whispering many a Sai Ram softly,
Out came her box of Vibhuti,
She applied it on the wounds carefully,
Even as she called welfare workers,
For assistance urgently,
A crowd began to gather,
She enlightened them too -
Animals have feelings,
Just like me and you,
They may seem mute,
But they have a language of their own,
When they face injuries and old age,
Them you must never disown,
Especially when they have worked for you,
And you have depended on them for your earnings too,
How can you abandon them,
When they have no strength?
When they have brought you the income and comfort,
That you have enjoyed and known?
For then you must remember,
You will only go on to reap,

What you on your own have karmically sown…

The boss watched all this silently,
Standing by,
It seemed to him,
His employee had only one ‘Boss’,
And that is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
When she got back into the car,
As the Animal Welfare Ambulance drove away,
The boss had this to say  -
“So much wisdom in one so young…?
From where has it sprung…?”

“Start Early,

Drive Slowly,
Reach Safely,
Has made me what I am today,
Youth is the time to invest,
And indeed I am blessed,
That my Guru’s message,
Touched my heart,
Helping me make an ‘early’ start…

The boss looked at her,
Admiring her courage,
Her determination and her pledge,
He had learnt a lesson that day,
From one so young,
It had touched a chord hitherto unsung -
Words should match deeds,
Theory must flow into practice,
Before time does youth dismiss,
And habits along with age,
Have you in a grip,

Old attachments to a thought process,
People and things,
Lead to many a slip,
Start Early,
Drive Slowly,
Reach safely,
Ah! What a deep meaning it sent forth,
Inner and outer journey – 
It meant both,
To stop and reach out, 
The boss was no longer loath,
This incident in fact,
Had led to his growth…

“Indeed you are lucky, my dear,”

He did finally sigh,
“To have been drawn to such a Persona,
Such profound truths His words do imply, 
Ever so fortunate you are,
To live in the aura, 
In the immense presence,
Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…”