He Is not Ali Baba, He Is Sai Baba!!!

He Is Always There…but we notice His Presence only when He wills so… this is the truth with Beloved ‘Swami’, that He ‘appears’ at the right time, to the right person, for the right reason. Far away from Prasanthi Nilayam, there a few decades ago lived a pious soul, whose pining for Lord Supreme finally found answers, through a most incredible Sri Sathya Sai visiting card. Read on Ms Ana Elena Diaz-Viana  of Venezuela  narrating the beauty of her experience. This is a story extract from the original article by the author, available at https://www.theprasanthireporter.org/2014/05/travelling-to-the-light/

I am watching television with my 10-year old son Edward, and am pregnant with my second child. My belly is so big that it is unbelievable I can still breathe; I’m due the next week. We are watching a program about the “Lost Years of Jesus”. This is a documentary about the so-called ‘lost years’ of Jesus, between age 12 and 30, of which nothing has been said in the Gospels. The documentary made by Richard Bock, a Hollywood producer, presented some findings of Jesus’ sojourn in India. According to some documents, Jesus studied in a monastery in North India and also lived in Pakistan. The documentary ends with a movie about Sathya Sai Baba:

“In modern times, there is a man in India performing the same miracles as Jesus. He is dedicated to the poor, the sick, and the people who need Him. He has resuscitated people from the dead and there is at least one case fully documented”… (inaudible name)… “Baba proclaims He has not come to create a new religion or proclaim a religion is better than other… (inaudible name)… Baba says the only religion is Love, and the only caste is humankind.”

It left me paralyzed. Couldn’t talk or do anything else than watching His beautiful form on the television, distributing some food among people sitting on the floor. Oh the way He walked! He was majestically floating among the people. His loving gaze looked at the camera and I was in shock.  It was Edward the first to react and recognize Him!

‘Mom!! This is the man of your dream!’

He was the man of my dream, my Guru, my Spiritual Teacher, the one responsible for my experience, and the one I have been waiting for.  And I only knew that His name was something like ‘Ali Baba’…. So in those days, whenever I spoke about him or talked to him in my heart, I would say ‘Ali Baba’.

Christian my second son was born on March 14, 1981, a very healthy and strong boy with a big voice. One night I was feeding the baby and a red dot of light came out of his third eye, remained there for about 2 minutes and then disappeared.  That night – probably around the 20th of March – I had the second dream of Swami. He gave me instructions on how to raise the boy and some information that must remain private. I was fascinated.

In July 1981 my 4-month old baby suddenly fell gravely ill with a bronchopneumonia.  After 2 weeks in the hospital the infection from his lungs had not subsided and it was affecting the stomach. One night the doctor tried to prepare me for the worst and I lost my senses. Chris’s father shook me saying: “Don’t lose your faith, don’t lose your faith!” Immediately my mind went calling for ‘Ali Baba’.  Repeating like a mantra “Ali Baba, if you can hear me, if you can heal my son, please come! Please help my son!”… over and over again until the respiration became normal and the baby slept peacefully. My mother had fallen asleep on the visitor’s couch.  I too fell exhausted. That night I had the third dream with Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

I could see clearly the hospital room. He came through the bedroom door and glanced towards the baby. While touching the baby’s head He told me:

“Don’t worry. He is not going to die, he is just purifying himself.”

‘Ali Baba, please bless us! Please let me know how I can find you; where can I see you?’

Swami placed His hand over my head and left the room saying: “Don’t suffer. Today you will know more about Me.”

It was 5:00 AM. “The man from India, Ali Baba was here!”  My mother and I hugged each other thanking God.  The following day the boy was acting as if nothing had ever happened to him. The doctor decided he should stay one more day in the hospital, just in case. That very same afternoon, a doctor friend of the family (Gela, an incredibly advanced soul), came to visit and joined the little celebration we were having in the hospital room.  I asked casually:

‘Gela, do you know this Indian teacher and healer, his name is Ali Baba?’

Gela couldn’t contain her laughter when she answered:

‘Of course!!  And I love Him, but His Name is not Ali Baba, it is Sai Baba!  You can find books about Him in ‘xyz’ bookshop.’

Gela then proceeded to tell me the most extraordinary stories – although I couldn’t understand half of it as these occurred in other dimensions, in which she had met Sai Baba and He had saved her from a very difficult situation.

At the end of that blessed day, I had in my hands a book on Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II