Holy Christmas Morning…

When the world around is immersed in Merry Christmas in a more worldly way, Prasanthi Nilayam, the sacrosanct Abode of Sri Sathya Sai reflects an absolutely contradicting picture of peace and beauty, speaking of the real meaning of the holy day. It is Christmas today and as has been the story always Prasanthi Nilayam is full of Christmas fervour.

After a soul-lifting offering by the International Choir on the eve, the holy morning today dawned with the ‘Kiwi’ band of choristers singing holy hymns of Christmas Carols at Him, at the Sanctum Sanctorum at 0630 hrs.

The regular session commenced at 0820 hrs with the twin bands from the ‘primary’ followed by the SSSIHL brass band playing saintly tunes at the Divine Father-Son duo. The Glory To The Lord continued to  beam around with inspiring numbers as with the students band of singer taking over, presenting a session of songs interspersed with dialogues on the greater glory of the Supreme Father. Singing unto Him the collective voice wished Him and the assembly a ‘Merry Christmas’ and a Happy New Year. Even as the popular number ‘Jingle Bells’ resounded in the air, a group of Santas moved around the assembly, dancing merrily, sharing the greater joy of the day with one and all.

The ‘Holy Day’ rings in minds many the nostalgic picture of ‘His Incomparable Presence’ in sparkling white, blessing the concourse celebrating the birth of the most virtuous, Jesus – The Christ. The golden past had the unfathomable great good fortune to witness the ‘Silver Door Darshan’ of the Ultimate Form of the Supreme Divine, at the daybreak on the holy morning. Bhagawan clad in sparkling white would come out through the silver door atop the Sanctum in the holy morning, granting HimSelf for the devoted folks.

Thousands of devotees from around the world are participating in the joyous three day celebrations this year that commenced with the International Choir on the eve. The ‘House Of The Lord’ reflects the perfect beauty of glittering decor that the day rightly deserves. Devotees from New Zealand take the onus of decorations, early morning carols ably supported by the international folk devotees. Unite & Serve is the theme for this year’s Christmas celebrations. If Not You…Who? If Not Now…When? are the other themes being displayed all over, especially by the New Zealanders.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II