Christmas 2018 Comes To A Grand Closure…

Evelyn Kanepi from Estonia spoke a few words from the depth of her heart, words of gratitude and love for Swami, before serenading Him with some of her numbers from her album this December 26th evening as part of Christmas 2018 celebrations at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Herself a passionate singer, devoted to The Supreme One, she said, ‘singing is the doorway to heaven’, touching upon her first memory of Bhagawan that commenced 17 years ago back in Estonia when she happened to bump into a book on Swami. Hinting about the testing spiritual journey that she has been having, the Estonian musician identified Unity Of All Mankind being her favourite theme from Bhagawan’s eternal teachings. This evening she was a perfect picture of unmatched humility and devotion, speaking and singing from the depth of her heart, in a voice that is melodiously ethereal. Evelyn is associated with Estonian Music & Theater Academy and is a classical artiste with her own innovative style and blend of music.

Evelyn’s speech was preceded by a thanksgiving address by Tom Lehoy, International Christmas Committee Director from Australia. Profoundly thanking Bhagawan for His mysteriously authentic revelations on the life of Jesus Christ, Tom thanked the New Zealand team of devotees along with various Ashram outfits for their cent percent cooperation making the celebrations a grand success.

Maori, a traditional dance of New Zealand followed, presented by the colourful New Zealand team of children.

SSE Children from New Zealand then offered a drama entitled ‘The Spirit Of Giving’,  a presentation on Christmas Spirit through the illustrious life of Sir Edmund Hillary, champion mountaineer who was raised in New Zealand . Sir Edmund Hillary along with Tenzing Norgay became the first to conquer the world’s highest peak, Mt Everest, in 1953. How, with mountains of faith in the heart and mind, one can conquer the heights beyond the so-called greatest heights. After being called shorty, misfit,  no good, Edmund from his moulding days with absolute determination, with synchronicity of thought, word and actions went on to become an ideal, role model champion. Conquering the summit, he declared that it was not the Mount Everest that he had conquered, but his mind. After peaking the summit, his tender heart full of love turned into charity, especially for the Sherpas of Nepal for whom he was selflessly engaged in charity activities. Sir Edmund Hillary epitomised Bhagawan’s teachings of 4 F’s, Follow The Master, Face The Devil, Fight Till The End, Finish The Game, declared the New Zealand children profusely thanking Bhagawan for the life of Jesus and Sir Edmund Hillary.

The presentation was set in a ‘home’ Christmas backdrop where a grandmother explaining the little ones of the Christmas Spirit, meandering into the awe-inspiring tale of Sir Edmund Hillary.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II