Awakening Of The Uniquely ‘Divine’ Women Power… Ladies’ Day In Prasanthi Nilayam

Beloved Mother Sai He Is fondly address as by millions and zillions of devout hearts around the globe and beyond, this most wonderful Lord Of All Gods had a unique declaration in the year 1995, announcing a most distinct day for the most revered ‘women folk’ of His creation. As per His Divine declaration, November 19th of every year has been the dotted day in the Prasanthi Calendar when womenfolk from the ‘Sai Fraternity’ comes active, celebrating the day in His unmatched Divine OmniPresence.

The land of Bharat that has fondly fondled crest-jewels of womanhood like Sita, Sati and Savitri in no uncertain terms calls for greater women participation in her social and spiritual revolution, expressing their unique ‘feminine’ role to reach out, crossing all borders sans any distinction, discrimination.

…As is unique on this day, it is an all ‘women-affair’ in the Prasanthi Mandir, from dawn to dusk. The day burst into light listening to the auspicious Sathya Sai Suprabhatam in a female voice, loud and clear playing on the public address system.

Regular morning proceedings commenced at 0800 hrs with Vedam chanting by the students of Anantapur Campus of SSSIHL. Even as the sonorous strains of the Rudram chanting filled the air, a regal procession entered the hall, paying obeisance to Beloved Mother Sai. University Percussion Band, Brass Band followed by senior women with Poornakumbham offering obeisance to Beloved Mother Sai at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Addressing the august assembly, representing the committee of organisers, Prof. Rajeshwari Patel in her welcome address stressed on the importance of changing the discourse on woman. To bring the change, woman has to look at themselves in a different, meaningful way, said the speaker, reminding the audience of the two extreme polarities of the world’s eye on woman, that of Shakti representing Divine Energy on the one hand and the other extreme of femme fatale, representing the dark side. We need to find a ‘via media’, Bhagawan wanted us to discover this ‘ via media’ by ourselves, echoed the speaker, spelling out her findings of Bhagawan’s unique move of initiating Ladies’ Day in 1995.

Speaking next, Dr. Hymavati Reddy from the US spoke of her unique experiences with Beloved Mother Sai. Calling Mother Easwaramma as ‘Ideals Exemplified’, the speaker called upon the women around the world to resolve to follow His command to become ideal women. Narrating a couple of her beautiful experiences with Bhagawan, Dr. (Mrs.) Reddy shared with the audience of her enlightening experience of His all-caring OmniPresence. A regular at the famed Tirupati Balaji Hill Shrine during her medical studentship years, she had a long ‘missing’ gap of several years after she moved off to the US, before her return to the shrine in 1985.  …And when she returned, all she could see in the inner sanctorum was not the Balaji idol, but her own Beloved Mother Sai!!!

The Chief Guest for the day is Ms Wided Bouchamaoui, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2015 from Tunisia. Ms Wided Bouchamaoui, paying tribute to India reminded the womenfolk of the rapidly changing world of globalisation, technological advancement and digitization, effecting into a changing world of inequalities. Having traversed the road of peaceful dialogues of Mahatma Gandhi style, securing peace in her own country, the Chief Guest addressed the womenfolk of the need to set an example, by speaking about gender equality, addressing problems with meaningful, peaceful dialogues, negotiations, helping the world to evolve, by being effectively vocal on the essential requirements. Referring to India’s tremendous potentials, the speaker was of the opinion that India has the thing to be in the big league, to lead the world. The speaker hailed India and Prasanthi Nilayam that, according to her, help her to discover new vistas and dimensions of life. At a time when mankind is facing big challenges, Ms Bouchamaoui, a woman of Arab Muslim backdrop, aired the voice of unity, harmony and equality in the very land of Supreme Peace, Prasanthi Nilayam.

Ms. Wided Bouchamaoui  is a businesswoman who since 2011 has been the leader of the Tunisian Confederation of Industry.  As leader of the organization she took part in the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet which ultimately won her the coveted Nobel Peace Prize for 2015. After becoming a Nobel laureate, she was offered the prime minister-ship thrice, which she politely turned down.

Bhagawan’s Divine discourse followed next was  a treatise on womanhood, of their Shakti aspect. Bhagawan extensively spoke on the celebrated character of yore, Savitri.

A series of students’ offering followed next. A vocal musical rendering by the students of Anantapur Campus first was followed by the Bagpiper Band  from the higher secondary wing of Swami’s ‘Own’ Primary School. The Brass Band and Percussion Band from the Anantapur Campus followed suit.

Bhajans followed next and the session concluded with Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II