Man, in the game of life on the world stage, should live a conscious life, knowing the crux of life, that being LOVE… Bhagawan says, The path is through God, with God, in God, always remember that God Is Love… extracted from the book of inner messages from sai, ‘Sai Messages For You And Me’ by Lucas Ralli.

All is in the balance all the time. Everything works itself out according to the past and everything that happens now is the result of the past. Recent events are no exception.

Only the Lord can see the past, the total past of everyone and everything, every event and every thought. Only the Lord can see the future, as He can see that picture now, the creation of the past, the present and the future, all are NOW to Him. But the picture changes as man progresses on the spiritual path, and you should never despair even when you witness some tragic event like the recent violence.

What should you think at such a time? You should concentrate on your own personal sadhana. Examine yourself and your own progress on the spiritual path. Are you changing as time passes? Have you given up those bad habits of the past? Are you full of love, like the fountain which continually throws out its water in a beautiful cascade? You should emulate the fountain and become a fountain of love, Sai Love. For it is love alone that can save man and the Earth itself from destruction.

Love is God and, when it flows freely, it means that you are following God to enter into your life.

See the world as it is, a training ground. Do not waste the opportunity to get the training, so that you are better prepared for the next stage in your evolution. God provides the facilities, God shows you how to use them, but you have to take the initiative and make your own decisions.

Be positive in all your thoughts and, when disaster strikes, realise that it is simply a passing phase, something to overcome. Such is the event to which you refer. In a hundred years it will be in the history book and, at that time, those souls who are here on Earth will be worrying about other matters.

So, look ahead, not backward, and know that the Divine Awakening lies ahead. The path is through God, with God, in God, always remember that God Is Love.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II