Andhra – Telangana Parthi Yatra commences…

Figure 90 is wielding its magical charm in Sai circles all over. Celebrating the 90th year of His Advent, aptly titled “90 Years of Pure Love”, the fraternity is all abuzz and so is Prasanthi Nilayam. Running into the D-Day in November, there is going to be a string of cultural offerings by various State organisational units here, in the immediate Divine Presence.

After the week-long Onam celebrations, twin Telugu speaking States – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have come in huge numbers with a six-day Parthi Yatra package. The group of over 4500 has around 2600 Balvikas children and 750 students from various Sri Sathya Sai Schools, covering both the States.

Addressing the assembly on the occasion, Sri Ranga Rao, Trust Convener for the twin States spoke highly of the children, hailing them as torch-bearers of a bright tomorrow. For Bhagawan students were everything, but His first love was children, he said, reminiscing the sacred bond of love that children shared with Bhagawan. Presenting a brief report on the activities of Sri Sathya Sai Schools in the twin States, Sri Ranga Rao,  in conclusion,  sought blessings from elders for the children saying, “Your blessings and encouragement will go a long way in giving them confidence in their lives ahead.”

A dance drama by the combined Sri Sathya Sai Schools followed next on the theme – Sri Rama Bhakti Samrajyam, a depiction of saint-composer Thyagaraja’s illustrious life.

Thyagaraja’s soul search for his heart’s content – love for Lord Rama, has resulted in hundreds and thousands of devotional compositions, enriching the world of devotional music. This evening, when his story was retold by the students here, his musical melody also accompanied, filling Prasanthi with sublime devotional ambiance.

Continuing his journey of love for Rama with soul-stirring singing, Thyagaraja’s relentless pursuit got a boost when Rishi Narada presented him a rare treatise called “Swararnavam’, blessing him to propagate devotional music. Spurning riches and position, caring only for Rama and the role given by Him, back home, Thyagaraja had to endure great suffering from his money-minded elder brother. This rivalry finally got worse as his egotistic brother decided to cast away his favourite idol in the river Cauvery.

Crestfallen, Thyagaraja went on wandering around in search of his heart’s precious content. Every moment of his agony, the gaping void within, groping in darkness devoid of direction, turned out to be a rare boon to the world of devotional music.

Episodes in the evening included the grand spectacle of darshan of Lord Balaji at the Tirupati temple. The drama intertwined with beautiful songs and dance sequences turned out to be a hallowed audio-visual treat for the august assembly this evening.

A final submission singing ‘Nagumomu Ganaleni…’ was followed by Sri Ramachandra and Mother Sita darshanam for Thyagaraja, blessing the celebrity Saint with words of guidance and assurance of liberation.

Bhajans continued and the session came to a close with Mangala Arathi.

Earlier, State President of SSSSO – Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, Sri S.G.Challam introduced the session to the august assembly, inviting one and all to the 6-day festive feast.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II