“…Yes, I Am The Director”

Imagine, Baba came up to you, asking you to take up a noble responsibility in spreading His message, sidelining a family ‘trauma’ involving your beloved son… who is in prolonged coma… how would the mother in you respond to this Divine Command??? …an angelic mother from the US had this rare Divine Test, inside the interview room, only to come out obedient, accepting The Divine Command per se. Read on as Ms Berniece Mead explains the rarest Sai Test, in her book “Letters From “J”. (Ms Berniece had narrated this experience in the recently held SSE Conference in Prasanthi Nilayam.)

Baba talked about my work as National Education Coordinator. When I started to say that I planned to go around the country leading teacher training , wondering inside if I should give up this plan, He stopped me right there and said, “Yes! You do that! Start doing!”

He then told us that all this world of life is a big drama, and that we are all actors on this stage; we each have a role to play!” Then He sat back in His chair and exclaimed, “And I’m The Director!”

I told Him that I was having a tough time getting the teacher’s manual finished because of needing to be with my brain-injured son.

He said to me, “Why are you so attached to this son? How many sons have you had? Do you remember any of them?”

I realized that He was referring to past lives, and of course I didn’t remember any of them, or any of the children I might have had in those lives.”

He then told me to get the teacher’s manual finished, and I answered “I’m trying.”

He commanded, firmly, “Don’t try, DO!”

He placed His index finger on the middle of my forehead and said, “I’m blessing you; I’m directing you. Have confidence!” He told me not to worry, that things would get better very soon. He talked about Ron and Jay, and said, “Don’t worry; I’m taking care of everything.”

Then He continued, “Nothing bad ever happens! You see, it is like this: tonight you eat fruit and think it’s good; tomorrow, it’s waste, and you think it’s bad. It’s all the same!” He was referring to karma (our actions and their results) being played out, and that just because we cannot see the whole picture, we judge things as “bad-things that in the larger scheme of events, the Divine drama as directed by the Divine Director- are not “bad” at all. We must learn to accept all of life’s ups and downs in a spirit of equanimity, trust, and faith. Easier said than done!

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II