Vishu in Prasanthi Nilayam…

Vishu, the Kerala New Year, was celebrated with traditional gaiety and devotional fervour in Prasanthi Nilayam today. Commemorating the grand festivity, popular devotional ‘Carnatic’ singer Sri TS Radhakrishnan presented a musical offering in the morning at the Sai Kulwant Hall.

Singing with his rich, cultured and resonant voice, Sri Radhakrishnan offered a string of devotionals, some in the vernacular Malayalam. Much to the delight of the assembly of devotees from the State, Sri Radhakrishnan began with “Kanikanum Neram Kamala Nethrante…” a song that illustrates the celestial beauty of Vishu Special “Auspicious Sight” or “Vishukkani”. “Chethi mandaram thulasi pichaka malakal charthi” another popular number, of Guruvayoorappan connoting Vishukkani followed next, before an array of songs, that included “Deenabandhu Sai Murari…”, “Guruvayoorekadashi Thozhuvan Pokumbol…”, “Onnu Thirinhingu Nokkane…”, “Pibare Ramarasam…” etc.

In the evening, the session was marked by a speech by Hon (Justice) Thottathil B. Radhakrishnan of Kerala High Court followed by a musical offering by noted playback singer Sri Madhu Balakrishnan.

Commencing the programme Prof Mukundan, State President Of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, introduced the session. Deliberating on the theme, “How To Be With Swami”, the veteran jurist spoke on the need and necessity to have a system whereby one can enjoy the relationship with “Swami”. One need to tune in, offering every single act, to the minutest details, to Swami, living Him, breathing Him and thus becoming Sai, said Justice Radhakrishnan also touching upon the need to grab every single opportunity of Seva. ‘Open up and Fill in your heart and be ready, then Swami will do the rest, exhorted the erudite speaker narrating a beautiful personal anecdote on Seva, connected with Sai Neethi, the Lawers’ Wing Of Sathya Sai Seva Organisations.

Noted playback singer Sri Madhu Balakrishnan and Troupe then offered a melodious musical evening singing a chain of devotionals, mainly in Malayalam, ably accompanied bySarvasree Tumkur Subramaniam and Ajay Warrier on Vocal, contributing one song apiece in Tamil and Hindi respectively.

Madhu Balakrishnan, a familiar name in South Indian Music Industry, began with a Ganesh Vandana, singing “Mahaganapathim Manasasmarami…” followed by “Mahadeva Shiva Shambho…“, “Himagiri Thanaye Hemalathe...”, “Ellamenikkente Swami…“, “Chandanacharchita Neelakalebharam…“, “Shilaye Kaikontu Shivaroopamaakkum…” etc. A beautifil rendition of the Hindi devotional number “Allah Malik… Allah Malik…” by Ajay Warrier and the famous Krishna devotional “Pullanguzhal Kodutha Moongilgal” by Tumkur Subramaniam added lustre to the beautiful Vishu evening.

Other artistes accompanied were Sarvasree Naveen Narayan on Mridangam, Shyam Kumar on Tabla, Shailesh Narayan on Keyboard and Rajesh Vaitheeshwaran on Flute.

Supplementing with the much required impetus, Bhagawan’s Divine ‘Vishu’ discourse was played on the public address system next. Bhagawan delved in detail of the transitory human life, exhorting to lead an ideal life, taking God’s Name… always.

Bhajans continued and ended with Mangala Arathi at 1925 hrs.

Vishukkani, the auspicious sight, symbolical with reference to the prospect of the New Year, was arranged with traditional touch at the Sanctum Sanctorum marking the holy occasion. Back in the State, Vishukkani is unveiled in all temples, including the famous Guruvaryoor Shrine, in the early morning at the auspicious Brahma Muhurtham of the New Year.

A sizeable contingent of devotees from the State joined this year’s Vishu celebrations in Prasanthi Nilayam. A Youth Camp was also organised on the sidelines of the festivity, attended by hundreds of Sai Youth from the State.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanatu II