My Task Is This…

67 years ago, when Bhagawan was just over twenty years of age, He wrote a very revealing and inspiring reply to a devotee, who was perturbed by adverse talk by aimless tattered tongues, attempting to tarnish the Divine image. Pacifying the agitating mind Bhagawan responded, explaining His Task and His Divinity. The letter was dated 25th May 1947.


To Bhaktas!

My dear Boy. I received your letter and I noted the flow of the current of Prema and the echo of Bhakti in every word.

It is impossible to see into the hearts of Jnanis and Yogis; nor is it possible to understand their ways. So, naturally, people talk about them, just as their fancy prompts them. No amount of fault-finding indulged in by these people can affect us, so long as we act truly and well, keep our purpose steadily in view and so long as we do not lose hold of the values dictated by Jnana. Don’t you know that only those trees get stoned, which have fruit on their branches? The tree with no fruits is not noticed by passers-by.

Good and bad co-exist; they are companions for ever. That is in the very nature of the world.

And, why, let me ask, should these people be blamed? Poor fellows! What do they know? What can they know? They are caught by every gust of greed, anger, envy and hate. So, they become intolerant and have no control of mind or tongue; they indulge in loose talk and slander. Those that know will never talk like that. It is not wise to take such ignorance seriously.

Truth alone can win, believe Me. Un-truth must fail. It might appear to win for some little while, but, as soon as Truth appears on the scene, un-truth does flee.

It is not the nature of Mahatmas to exult when worshipped or droop when they are neglected or cal­umnied. No Gita has laid down rules and regulations for the behaviour of Mahatmas; but, Sathpravarthana and Sadbuddhi are the fundamental traits …Beneficial Activity and Beneficial Thoughts. Provided these are there,  whatever is done over and above this for the benefit of the Bhaktas and for their welfare according to their deserts, we can afford to be free.

You should pay no heed to the talk you men­tion. The Mahatmas do not owe their greatness to others who recognise them as such; nor do they lose their great­ness if some one fails to recognise them. Their stature is not heightened by praise or lowered by blame.

Of course there are some “Yogis” who suffer from blame and they have every reason to fear. I shall tell you who they are.

They quaff their full, they swallow pills

Of opium, and chew the bhang—these ‘noble’ folk!

They drink, they eat their fill

Of low unwholesome food—these `famous’ men!

“Tis wrong to state ’tis false to say

That anything dies, they never die,”

They swear while (!) cutting throats and eat

The living things they like—these `teachers’ grand!

They preach the lessons of love and peace

But hate and fight, all on the sly—these `gurus’ great!

They fret and fume and speak for long

On dry as dust philosophy!

This wondrous gang of Yogis false

They surely dread a fall.

It is only such that have to be afraid. You must have read, in the lives of Mahatmas, how they were as­sailed by small men in even worse ways. It is all part of the scheme,: don’t worry. How long can the poor dogs bark at the star? How can they produce any effect on the star? All this will continue just for a little time; our integrity is the means to victory.

I shall not slacken My Task, My Activity, My Determination. For Me, Reputation, Fame, Blame, Calumny—all are equally insignificant. I am quite unconcerned with the whole lot. I speak and act, only to help the world and for the sake of the people. But, let Me tell you, I have no name, no place, no possession. By whatever name I am called, I respond! To whichever place I am called, I go and make My appearance. I have this as My very first, My vow, My self-imposed task.

I have not spoken of this to anyone so far; I am not a part of this world; I am far far away from it. But yet, I engage Myself in the uplift of its inhabitants. My Shakti, My Power, My Mystery can never be understood, whoever studies it, howsoever intensely and well.

You can yourself witness the glory that will be manifested hereafter. Bhaktas must learn patience and await events. Then, you will yourself realize the absurdity of your fears.

I wrote this reply to you, because I felt you will be sad, unless I wrote. Otherwise, I would not have replied at all, for it is not in Me to pay heed to such things.

Thus…..Your Baba.

II Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu II