Criss-Cross Lines That Shine Your Love

In the mystery play called life where every being battles it out, some knowingly and some quite oblivious of The Presence of the Wire-Puller called God…the Truth remains as clear that nothing escapes HIM, Supreme Godhood and He and He alone is everything…be it a rise or fall, everything serves as a stepping-stone to the ‘Ultimate Destiny’ called Sri Sathya Sai, echoes Ms Nupur Chaudhuri… from the April 2014 issue of Sri Sathya Sai Newsletter, Pune.

I look at the palm of my hand,
At the many lines etched on it,
Trying to understand the present…
…and decipher the future,
Written in codes…by You…

The criss-cross confusion,
Sometimes freedom, sometimes binding,
Sometimes an intrusion,

Each line with a jagged end or two,
As though You’re saying,
“I leave the decision up to you…”

I look back at my life,
Wondering – ‘Did I choose right?’
If there was happiness and smiles,
There were also tears and sorrow’s might…

But each path, every choice, every turn,
Has brought me to ‘Today’,
This very moment of me thinking of You,
With nothing else in between,
No air, no space, no other view,
And I say to myself, ‘How lucky I am,
That my thoughts know You,
That my eyes see You,
That my hands remember…
…the ethereal feel,
Of Your beautiful Lotus Feet,

That my lips can chant Your name, 
Over and over again,
That my ears echo,
With Your sweet, sweet voice of love,

That my heart races,
When it knows You’re around,

And that, my soul has loved You,
Been protected by You,

Every time it’s lost, it’s been found…’

So I look at my palm,
At the criss-cross confusion,
And I smile as I realise,
The lines of fate are but an illusion,

For each line is You,
Each end is You,

What more can I want,
What more can I chase,
What more can I be destined for…but You?

No matter where I end up -
It’s a new beginning with You,

No matter where I fall -
It’s a cushioned spot,

No matter what wall I hit -
You break it down,

No matter what fear and failure tell me,
You’re always my surround sound…

Yes, I falter at times,
Yes, I look hesitatingly ahead…
…when it’s a steep climb,

Yes, I badger You with questions countless,
And yes,
I sometimes doubt Your presence…
…when in a mess…

Yet, each time,
You accept me with arms wide open,

Each time,
You make me hear the silence in a din,

Each time,
You show me the way…when I feel lost,

And each time,
You fulfil my heart’s desire at any cost,

You pamper me and lavish me,
With Your shining love,

And it makes me cry with joy as I look above,
Searching the skies for a glimpse of You,
Knowing fully well,
You’re actually standing right beside me,
Looking up as I do,

And smiling at the stubborn whim of this child,
To but see You without…as clearly as…
…I see You within…

I look at my palm again,
The criss-cross lines no longer a confusion,
They form one shape, one face, one name,
And I hang my head in shame,
For how could I ever fear, worry and cry,
How could I ever want anything else and why,
When I’ve had You all along,
Each line Your Form,
Goading me on,
To You…

To only You…
…to Whom I belong…

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II