Brindavan Drama on Sri Krishna Chaitanya…

Continuing with the festive spirit, after yesterday’s  Annual Sports & Cultural Meet, students from the Brindavan Campus presented a colourful Dance Drama depicting the illustrious life of Sri Krishna Chaitanya aka Chaitanya Maha Prabhu this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Sri Krishna Chaitanya was one of the foremost exponent of Krishna devotion, lived in the 16th century, propagating ‘Nama Sankeertan’ as the most effective tool for God-realisation in the Kali age.

The presentation brought forth various colourful facets from the illustrioius life of Sri Krishna Chaitanya, presented with brilliant settings, powerful dialogue delivery and interspersions of music and dance.

The story-line began with a scene from his home town Navadeep, with students of Nimai, original devotee before becoming Sri Krishna Chaitanya, heaping praise on their teacher calling him a true gift of God for Navadeep.

The scene next depicted the battle of scholarship between Keshav Kashmiri, the arrogant, egotistic, self- proclaimed pandit vs. Nimai, simple and devoted, full of knowledge and wisdom.

As an arrogant and egotistic Kashmiri challenged Nimai, Nimai in all humility submitted himself as a simpleton allowing Kashmiri to prove his scholarship with an instant composition on Mother Ganges. Subsequent duel found Kashmiri wanting as Chaitanya went on questioning and the arrogant pandit, humbling him to defeat.

To arrogant pandit full of vanity was taught the greater lesson by Chaitanya who blurted at him… Talent is not God’s gift, but God Himself!

The scene moves to Gaya, where Nimai found his Guru Isvar Puri, who subsequently initiated him into the Gopala Mantra, christening Nimai as Sri Krishna Chaitanya, ordaining him the task of spreading His Name and Message through Nama Sankeertan.

To an intoxicated Nimai, who was still wanting to have His darshan, Ishvar Puri gave a sermon preaching Love as the essence of everything. Quoting Bhagawan extensively, the Guru spoke about Radha’s Madhura Bhakti, terming it as the highest form of any devotion. Radha Ka Aadhar Hi Dhaara Aradhana!!!

Next scene depicted Sri Krishna Chaitanya’s ecstatic devotion for Bhagawan Sri Krishna, pining for Him everywhere. Intoxicated with love for The Lord, he had an unparalleled experience, feeling the scene of Krishna’s Brindavan, pining for Him every moment, seeing Him in everything.

Even as Krishna playfully eluded the great devotee, Sri Krishna Chaitanya grew in his devotion reaching the zenith of bliss.

A scene of transformation of the two idiots of Navadeep, who derided God and Chaitanya, was depicted next, showing their transformation at the hands of Chaitanya. The next scene was a depiction of Sri Krishna’s Chaitanya’s unsullied love for all, as he blessed an ‘untouchable’ leaper with ultimate realisation.

The whole presentation was interspersed with vibrant songs and dances, bringing the Krishna Consciousness alive…rocking the house with unsullied devotion.

No presentation on Sri Krishna Chaitanya can go without a mention or depiction of the famous Puri Jagannath. Presenting the final scene, a huge Chariot carrying the Lord Of Puri was drawn towards the Sanctum Sanctorum, depicting the ecstatic scenes from Puri involving Sri Krishna Chainya’s devotional singing.

The final song Sathyacharam…Dharmaswaroopam…Shanthaswabhavam…Saieesham…marked the grand spectacle of supreme devotion lasted an hour.


As part of the festivity women students from the Anantapur Campus would be offering a programme entitled ‘Ananta Prema’ tomorrow evening at the Divine Lotus Feet of Beloved Bhagawan.

Meanwhile the third and penultimate session of the ongoing All India Balvikas Convention would be held in the Sai Kulwant Hall tomorrow morning, marked by speeches, award presentation, songs etc.


II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II