Radha – Supreme Devotee Of Lord Krishna

Pine for dhara, dhara and you find that you are pining for Radha, Radha, said Bhagawan discoursing on the Unmatched Supreme devotion of Radharani for Bhagawan Sri Krishna. Many are the wondrous tales of her devotional feats for Lord Krishna and Bhagawan had narrated some such wondrous tales in His Divine Discourses. Remembering the Mother Of Supreme Devotion, Radharani, a couple of beautiful stories from the life of Radharani, as recounted by Bhagawan Himself.

You can understand Radha only if you can fathom the depth of that thirst. Radha believed that Krishna is the Adhar (basis) and she did Aradh (worship) to Krishna in a continuous Dhara (stream). In fact, she is dhara or nature which is another form of the Lord or Purusha Himself. Prakrithi is dhara. Think of it always. Pine for dhara, dhara and you find that you are pining for Radha, Radha. So Radha is the becoming and Krishna is the being.

There is a story about Radha and her faith in Krishna. The elders in Brindavan who revelled in scandalizing Krishna set an ordeal for Radha to test her virtue. She was given a mud pot with hundred holes and was asked to bring water in that pot from Yamuna to her house! She was so full of Krishna consciousness that she never knew the condition of the pot. She immersed it in the river repeating the Name of Krishna as usual with every intake of the breath and every exhalation. Every time the Name Krishna was uttered, a hole was covered, so that by the time the pot was full, it was whole! That was the measure of her faith. Faith can affect even the inanimate objects.

On another occasion, She was sent to one of the villages, and in agony she sang, “There is trouble in the village and there is not a shade where I can take shelter! So I have come and I am maintaining this life breath in myself for your sake. Show Yourself atleast in my dream. My mind cannot rest even for a moment if I cannot see You. You are like my eyeball within myself, if I am to describe You. But if I have to see You, You are like a small baby who is outside me. But if I have no eyeball in me, then I cannot even look at this small baby. You are the One Who shows and You are the One Whom I aspire to see. In Your gross human form, will You show Yourself to me atleast once? At that time Krishna was in Mathura. In the prayer of Radha we notice that even though she had no place for her to take shelter, yet she was maintaining her life breath solely for the sake of Krishna. While she was engaging herself in this kind of introspection, it looked to her as if her companions were playing some games. One group of gopikas were singing and saying that Gopala has returned. As soon as she heard that song, she thought that Gopala has really returned and she jumped out of the bamboo thicket into the hot sand and she was running forward to meet Gopala, not minding the heat of the sand.

Radha’s bhakti was such that she was always on the banks of river Yamuna, both in the heat and in the cold. In the heat, her body was getting scorched, but she never bothered.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II