Alumni Music Programme and “Avvaiyar”, Musical Dance Drama

On the 16th evening, Balvikas children from Tamil Nadu staged a musical dance drama titled “Saint Avvaiyar”. depicting the illustrious life of poet saint Avvaiyar from Tamil Nadu, in Sai Kulwant Hall. The session commenced at 1630 hrs with Vedic recitation.

The programme started with a beautiful Bharatanatyam Dance by children to the song, “Puttaparthi Punidha Boomi”. The narrator then introduced Avvaiyar and the story of her birth. The first scene shows Avvai as a small girl completing a complicated verse showing her poetic acumen from a tender age. Fearful of being bound by marriage, she seeks the boon of old age from Lord Ganesha. The lord confers the boon on her telling that she can now roam the lands of the nation and teach the power of chastity, truth and good living. She freely moved along with common people and decried caste discrimination.

Thanking Bhagawan for sending so many messengers like Avvaiyar to teach humanity with example and for himself descending on earth with His supreme compassion, the narrator continued the story.

Avvaiyar visited many kingdoms and advised the rulers. She is responsible for Thirukural to get the far fetched recognition it now recieves. She also wrote many verses for children to learn and understand morality in her unique and sweet style which remain popular to this day.

Tired after continuing her mission for many years she prays to the Lord for salvation from the bondage of the physical. To remove her last semblance of ego, Lord Subramania, known as the God of Tamil, appears as a cowherd and tricks her with his play of words. Slighted by the youngster, the saint recognises the Lord and sings his praise before making her final trip to Kailasa. Meeting Lord Shiva and Parvati she prays for her salvation. Much pleased the Lord asks her a few questions for the benefit of humanity.

What is Good? Praying in a temple is always good.
How to overcome Fear? The chanting of the Lord’s name will remove fear.
What is your want? Not having another birth.
If there is another birth, what blessing do you want? Always remembering the Lord.
What is the greatest boon? To be born as a human being and even greater is to be born when The Lord Himself comes down as an Avatar.

The children then assembled in a formation and sang a paen in praise of the Lord. All the 43 participants were given gifts and prasadam was distributed to all. The programme was followed by Bhajans and Arati.

Earlier in the morning alumni of SSSIHL presented a musical bouquet in Sai Kulwant Hall. Commencing the programme with a beautiful aalap, “Kaise Keh Dun Ki Aap Pas Nahi Hote…” (How can I tell that you are not near me…) the alumni continued with a moving prayer from the alumni expressing their gratitude and seeking blessings.

The first song was a number titled “Dil Ye Gungaaye” which was a song of Divine Romance describing how the Lord was the first one with whom they were in love with. The second song titled “Mann Mero Laage Na Tere Bina Re” spoke about how their minds are always circling around their Lord. The next song with an inspiring aalap was a song in Telugu titled, “Aruna Aruna”.

The students then raised the tempo with the popular song, “O Sai Ma”. Many in the audience who were familiar with the song also joined in. Continuing with the fast pace, the students then sang a qawwali, “Tere Dar Pe Jo Bhi Aayaa…”. The students concluded with a specially composed piece, “Mere Sai Mere Baba” before which the narrator described how once a boy becomes a student of Bhagawan, he never becomes an old student but always remains a ‘Sai Student’.

The music programme was followed by Bhajans with the male and female students alternating between them. The Bhajans began with the emotional number, “Arj Suno Mere…”, followed by Guru Mahima, Hum Sab Milkar and Ragupatey Sri Ramachandra. Arati was offered at 0940 hrs.